I do most of my non-grocery shopping on the internet. I love it. I can look at what’s available, not only at home, but overseas as well. I can compare prices and make the final buying decision when it’s suits me and not some pushy salesmen. Finally the items are delivered to my door in just a few days. I mean what’s not to like. Furniture, linen, appliances, computer equipment and many others. You name it and I’ve probably purchased it on the internet. I’ve been buying on-line for over a decade and have had very little problems

However, the one thing that makes me fills me with dread is even the thought of buying clothes on-line. Deciding what size to order is almost impossible. For a start there’s no uniform sizing standard. Some use letters like M or XL while others use numbers such as 38 or 40 but a European size 38 isn’t the same as a US size 38 and while we’re on numbers suddenly somebody will tell you that they have a size “5” just to confuse you even further and don’t forget the centimeters such as size 87 or 92. Then, to top it all off and make the situation basically impossible, each manufacturer has their own completely random size scale. You would think a size “38” might fit a 38 inch waist and you might be right except one manufacturer’s size “38” is different to another’s size “38” and so on.

When it get to men’s suits it gets even worse. You need a size “40” jacket and a size “6” trousers. Great you may think except the size “40” jacket only comes with the size “5” trousers and if you find a size “40” jacket that comes with a size “6” trousers in another brand it still won’t fit because that brand uses a completely different size chart. It all seems like a sketch out of a Monty Python movie.

By the way, that $1,500 designer label suit you bought ‘off the rack’ last year doesn’t fit properly because it wasn’t made for you it was made to fit this guy

 Why Are We Buying Clothes That We Need To Fit Into Anyway?

It’s the 21st century people. We have things like computers and laser cutting machines. We don’t need to buy clothes that we have to fit into, the clothes should be made to fit us. At Elite Suits that’s what we do. Out of all the clothes you will ever buy, nothing looks worse than a suit that doesn’t fit properly. So instead of expecting you to fit into your new suit, we remove the uncertainty by making our suits to fit you

 Being Measured Is Simple and Uncomplicated

It may sound difficult but I can assure you that in practice it’s very easy. First you will need a measurement guide so click on the button below

Don’t panic it’s not as hard as it may look. In fact you can do it yourself rather easily with the help of another person. You can view some tips on completing the measurement process yourself HERE

However, this is what I did and it’s what I’m recommending to others. Take the form down to your local clothing alteration place and offer them $10-$20 to measure you. These alteration shops have sprung up everywhere and it’s developed into a very competitive industry. It’s a 5 minute job for an experienced tailor or seamstress to measure somebody so to them it’s easy money. I have yet to hear of anyone refusing.

So for $10 or so and ten minutes of your lunchbreak you now have your measurements. They will remain your measurements for as long as your body doesn’t change. So if you don’t gain or lose a significant amount of weight then you can use these same measurements as long as you like. If they’re complete and accurate then you can now go and select your suit with the confidence that no matter which one you choose you know when it arrives it will fit.

It’s not only for our suits you can use it elsewhere and here’s a perfect example of what I mean. I’m a bigger guy than most people and not being a standard size makes it difficult to buy clothes. Suit’s are a nightmare which is why I always buy made to measure but jeans aren’t easy either. A middle aged man a pair of ill-fitting baggy jeans is not a good look. It always comes down to what size to buy and then you run into all the issues detailed above. So I ordered a pair from a manufacturer in China. I sent him the measurements for the suit trousers and simply asked them to send me a pair that will best fit those measurements. A week or so later they arrived, I had the legs hemmed to size and I now have the best fitting pair of jeans I have ever owned and they cost me less than $30. So for me, having myself measured by a tailor was ten bucks very well spent.

There are some alternatives to completing the full measurement process and you can find them HERE

Suit Styling

There are a number of options available when ordering a custom made suit. The Styling Options form allows you to select which options you prefer.

 Now simply place your order

The suit order spreadsheet allows you to enter both your styling options and your measurements and easily email them back to me.

 Now simply place your order

If you can’t open a spreadsheet email me at and I’ll send you a word version

Custom Made Shirts

You now have a suit that fits your body why not some shirts that do the same? More and more men are discovering the benefits of a custom made shirt and they will never be cheaper buying then at the same time as your suit Have a fully custom styled made to measure shirt for in most cases less than what you’d pay for a standard shirt and no additional measurements are necessary.

The Shirt Order Form displays the available options for styling custom made shirts and I highly recommend that you at least have a look at it.

I strongly recommend that you complete the full measurement form for all orders. However there is a simplified shirt order form for those that prefer

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