Bespoke Quality English Fabric Suits

We don’t spend our money on flashy and expensive to run websites or massive marketing campaigns or run a large staff.

We’d rather run a very low cost business and put our money into finding the best possible quality suits for our customers. No flashy website and expensive marketing campaigns. We simply let the quality of our suits speak for themselves. Our strategy is to give customers as much information as possible about the suit they want to buy and let them make the decision about exactly what they want.

It works too as more and more people discover the value they can get for their suiting dollar and May is looking to be our best month ever for our top end suits. It started with a customer buying a four piece Ausfine Suit. Say what you want but I don’t think too many of these online suit retailers and their flashy expensive websites are selling $2,500 suits. Most of them sell the cheap machine sewn fused canvas factory made suits, The ones we sell for $249 except they put a massive markup on them to pay for all their costs so they end up selling them for twice the price.

I delivered another Clissold suit this week which I was lucky enough to actually get a look at before it went to the customer so let’s have a look what he received for his money


The suit is a two piece suit from the Clissold Collection in our “Almost Bespoke”tailoring package

  • Two Button
  • Notch collar
  • Flap Pockets
  • Double vent
  • Full canvas construction

The customer is a little smaller than the mannequin so it was a bit of a stretch to get the suit around it (plus my poor skills as a photographer have to also be taken into account).

Clissold 388

The fabric is the 388 Grey with a purple rope stripe. This is an s130’s lightweight 275 gsm wool made by Clissolds in Yorkshire England.

Part of the Holland & Sherry group they produce a number of the H&S lines as well as their own Clissolds branded cloth. They have been making fine England suiting wool at their Bradford mill since 1910 and are a favourite of bespoke tailors not only on Savile Row but all around the world.

We imported the wool ourselves directly from the UK so you can be sure it’s genuine top grade English suiting wool.


A copper bemberg lining.

There are a number of linings that are called bemberg but are really a blend.  We imported this from Japan and it’s made by Asahi Kasei in Japan who is one of only two companies worldwide that produce the cupro fibers that go into genuine bemberg.

So when we say the lining is 100% top quality bemberg you can be sure that’s what you’re getting.

All our almost bespoke suits come standard with two internal chest pockets, a pen pocket and a pocket for your mobile phone.


American buffalo horn buttons. Four working buttons with the last two in a contrast thread.

You should remember that both our “Almost Bespoke” and “Rockstar & Royalty” tailoring packages are all full stitched by hand by specialist tailors that only make suits for bespoke tailoring houses all over the world.

A highly trained and experienced tailor at a workbench with a needle and thread making over 4,000 individual handmade stitches for every suit. This is traditional tailoring at it’s best and how tailors have been making suits for hundreds of years.

It’s as far away as you can get from the mass produced factory made fused canvas suits sold by most of our competitors,  not only online,  but in many so-called tailor shops as well.

No machine sewing here. Even the buttonholes are stitched by hand.


As is the working lapel buttonhole also done in  contrast thread.

With both fabric and tailoring of world’s best standard this suit will last for decades if you treat it right. Unlike the cheap machine sewn factory made fused canvas suits which will start to deteriorate from day one, suits of this high standard will improve with wear as the special lightweight full canvas used moulds itself to your body shape.

Suits made to this high quality are the vintage suits of the future and it’s what attracted the customer to the package. He has a number of suits (many of them full bespoke from English tailors) so he can rotate them regularly, So, having a suit that will last as long as he can fit into it was an appealing feature.

However, he also asked for one more special feature


One of the problem with suits that last for basically forever is that as you get older you tend to grow out of them. This is something I can personally attest to. I have some beautiful suits still in excellent condition after many years that I simply can no longer fit into.

In order to help offset this issue the customer requested that the trousers have elasticised tabs at the side so the waist will expand as the customer’s waist does. A smart idea in my opinion

So does the suit fit? Of course it does. The customer went for the Milan special available to any customer that orders one of our English Bespoke Quality Wool packages. The Milan suit was a good fit so we tweaked the measurements slightly so this one will fit even better, This is a process that we have found to be extremely successful in getting great fitting suits and the customer ends up with two excellent quality suits at fantastic value for money.

The Price? $999 Australian or around $935 US dollars at the current exchange rates. I would suggest that’s about a third of what you would pay at your local tailoring shop for a suit of this extremely high quality.

Add the Milan Package Deal and you’re looking at around $1,130 US dollars for the two suits or $565 each. Seeing I just had a customer who paid over $700 for one factory made fused canvas suit I think it’s excellent value for two high standard hand made full canvas suits.

Customers who order one of our Bespoke Quality English Fabric Suits have the highest return rate rate of all our customers. Once they see what value they can get for their suiting dollar they come back and order again and again.

This customer was no different. We delivered the suit on Thursday and the very next day he emailed me saying he now wants to buy two more.  He now wants to try the “Rockstars and Royalty”tailoring package and is considering an Ausfine Suit.

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