A Tale of Two Suits

Which One Would You Buy?

Let’s compare two suits and see which one you would rather buy. Let’s start with “Suit A”

  • It’s a mass produced factory made suit done on a cookie cutter production line that churns out the same suit over and over again
  • They claim it’s a half canvas suit. I’ve pulled one apart and would say it’s actually a fused canvas but as it makes no real difference to the story let’s accept it’s a half canvas
  • It comes with a guarantee of up to $75 in alterations or a free remake if necessary

Now Let’s have a look at “Suit B”

  • It’s hand made by a trained tailor with over 20 years experience who only makes full canvas suits
  • It has a completely hand made full canvas stitched by hand
  • It comes with a comprehensive guarantee that will either pay the full cost of alterations or a free remake if necessary. This is an important point in that it’s easier for someone to alter the suit while they have the customer in front of them for a fitting rather then simply send in another set of measurements to have the suit remade and hoping that the replacement suit fits better.

I don’t think you need to be Einstein to realise that Suit B is going to be the better suit. Have a look at These ArticlesThey discuss the attributes of what you should be looking at when you’re buying a new suit. While they all say it in a different way every article agrees on two major points

      1. A full canvas makes a better suit
      2. The only reason you would buy an inferior half canvas or fused suit is price

They’re right too. I can share with you that the cost of the tailoring fee for Suit B is around three times the tailoring fee of Suit A.

So if you’re on a budget then Suit A would be the one you would buy right? Sometime price has to come before quality. However,

Suit A is the standard suit made by the world’s biggest online suit company and sells for $449 US dollars.

Suit B is our full canvas Beijing Suit which sells for around $435 US dollars depending on the exchange rate at the time. Both prices include delivery to just about anywhere in the world.

 At first glance you might think that those figures can’t possible be right. How can a full canvas suit individually hand made by a highly experienced tailor be cheaper than a half canvas suit mass produced on a cookie cutter production line? Here’s why.

They have a flashy extremely expensive website and spend millions of dollars each year on marketing and advertising. It works too. They sell hundreds if not thousands of basically the same suit over and over every month.

We have a very basic and inexpensive to run website and spend very little on marketing and advertising. This allows us to work on much tighter margins and we prefer to grow organically by building a customer base of those looking to buy a better suit at a better price. This works for us as we have many loyal customers coming back time and time again.

They put their money into advertising and promotion while we put ours into making better suits for our customers. So where would you prefer your suiting dollar to be spent on. On advertising and marketing to gain more customers for the suit company or making a higher quality suit for you?

As I wrote earlier, the tailoring fee on our full canvas Beijing Suit is three times what we pay for a factory made suits. We do it so we can provide a higher quality suit to our customers than they can buy elsewhere for the same price.

This isn’t rocket science. If you pay three times the price you can easily pay elsewhere you expect a better product. So do we. If the finished product wasn’t far better we would simply go to one of the many suit factories and pay the cheaper price. However, we believe if we keep a tight control on our expenses we can work on a tighter profit margin which allows us to offer a higher quality product for around the same price.

The art of fully canvassing a suit properly is slowly dying out in this mass produced world and tailors experienced in full canvassing are becoming harder to find and don’t work cheap. This makes fully hand tailored full canvas suits far more expensive then the cheaper mass produced factory made suits

Is it worth paying a tailor three times the price of a mass produced factory made suit. Here is what one customer, who has bought both type of suits had to say

“As an aside,I took the opportunity to examine the workmanship of this new suit and to compare it to that of the previous one. I can see a difference. Both are fine suits, but the workmanship of the fully canvassed suit is superior–especially with regards to the detailing.”

Which is exactly what we are aiming for.

We have a large range of hand tailored full canvas suits which you can see HERE

 For those who want an even better suit again we have a range of bespoke quality English cloths with the suits completely stitched by hand by specialist tailors who make suits for bespoke tailors all over the world. These are beautiful suits with world’s best tailoring and fabrics and although they are more expensive than our standard tailored suits they are still well within the reach of the average suit buyer. You can see this range of luxury suits HERE



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