Back To Work Special


Lets count them

  • 2 Jackets
  • 4 trousers
  • 5 shirts

All custom made to your measurements and specifications. Two of our high quality Beijing Suits each with an extra pair of trousers. That alone would normally cost you $996 at our normal price. with an extra pair of trousers for each suit you should get years of wear.

Then, to complete the outfit, we will add into the package five custom made shirts. That’s one for every day of the working week. These sell on our website for $89 each so you’re looking at over $1,400 worth of clothing for only $999 which in many cases is what you would pay for a two piece off the rack size suit in a store.

If you’re like me and you want you’re jackets fully canvassed we will arrange that for only $100 per suit extra. It’s hard to find a fully canvassed jacket in a store in today’s mass produced world but if you can expect to pay around $1,2oo for a single full canvas two piece suit.

We will initially send you one suit and one shirt. This allows you the opportunity to tweak your measurements so that the other suit and shirts fit even better. Of course, if you make a mistake with your measurements then of course our comprehensive No Worries Guarantee applies so you can buy with the confidence that your suit will fit.

This is a great deal for someone who is required to wear a suit to work each day. The Beijing suits are designed to take the regular daily wearing and the extra pair of trousers will ensure you get great value for your suiting dollar

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