The Milan Suit

Italian Fabric and Style for the Business Executive

Our showpiece for our hand made suits. High quality fabric with the designs straight out of Milan. High grade Merino wool grown in the snowy mountains region of Australia and processed in China. Make no mistake this is extremely high grade fabric equal to some of the big English and Italian brand names only this is around half the cost

Styled a little different to the more relaxed English Cut suits such as The Beijing Suit this Italian Cut has a more predominant shoulder line, slightly wider lapels and is cut closer to the waist to gave that “V” shape common in European designer label suits. It helps to have the “V”shape body and these suits are perfect for those with more an athletic chest.

While to pockets are normally made without flaps in order to accentuate the waist and no vents at the back, like all our custom made suits you can change the details to suit yourself.

This is a suit for the successful business executive who wants a high quality suit at a value for money price. With the option of a full canvas this exceptional hand tailored suit made from very high grade wool would sell in stores in an off the rack size for far more than double what we are asking for here. You can order the full canvas version and add a vest and an extra pair of trousers and have a suit that will last for many years for under $900 US dollars.

Elite Suits is all about choice for the customer. You can choose the style of the suit you want from the American, English or Italian cuts. You can choose if you want the cheaper standard fused canvas or pay a little more for the far higher quality of full canvas construction.


Not all fabric are the same. If they were then all we would sell is our bargain fused or full canvas suits and every suit we have would be under $400. We certainly would not need to sell more expensive suits such as our Ausfine Fabric suits which can go over the $2,000 mark and we do sell a few of them.

Like most things in life, with suits you get what you pay for. The more you pay the better suit you will receive. While there are a lot of things that go into a quality suit there are two very important characteristics that will determine just how high a quality the suit is.

  1. The method of construction
  2. The quality of the fabric

No matter what other people try and tell you, a full canvas suit is far superior to a fused  or half canvas suit. Not only will it look better it will also last far longer.

It’s the same with fabric. While we believe all our suits have far better quality cloth than most other suits in similar price brackets, there are limits to what even we can do. Cheaper fabric will deteriorate with wear. The more you wear your suit the faster the fabric will show signs of wear and tear.


This is an extremely high grade fabric. It’s made by a Chinese company that has meticulous control of the whole process. They own their own farms in NSW where they control everything from the breeding of the merino sheep, the optimum number per acre and what they are fed all designed to produce a fleece among the worlds best.

This is then milled and processed in their own factory in Shanghai using the most modern technology available. The result is an extremely high grade fabric equal to some of the big Italian and English brand names but at half the price

It would be difficult to by a suit of this standard in all but the best of stores and you would expect to pay two to three times the price we are asking and you can double that again if you had it custom made by your local tailor. You can see the range of these superb fabrics HERE


How your suit is tailored is also important in determining the quality. Just as we sought out quality fabrics for our suits we also wanted quality tailoring instead of the cheap mass produced machine stitched suits that the big suit factories churn out by the thousands.

The standard fused canvas version (CLICK HERE for an explanation of the various jacket canvassing techniques) is made in a factory setting. However, unlike the mass produced machine made suits, the fabric is cut by hand by an experienced cutter/patternmaker and hand sewn together by seamstresses rather than machine made. This human interaction allows for small adjustments to be made that machines simply can’t replicate. So if you’re a shape that’s slightly different to normal, the tailors can adjust the pattern to accommodate your individual requirements. This is something that can’t be done by most factories that use machines to churn out suits in a cookie cutter pattern.

The factory is owned by a father and son who are both trained and experienced tailors. The father has been a tailor for over 50 years and can spot a defect in a suit from 30 metres. They mostly make fused and half canvas suits for some of Asia’s best known high end stores and I don’t mind telling you they charge more than we could pay elsewhere but quality is worth the difference.

The full canvas version is a completely different suit. Completely hand made, the suit is cut, fully canvassed and sewn together by a highly trained tailor who makes nothing else but Italian cut full canvas suits. We use a couple of different tailors to make these suits and most of them run their own tailoring business out of a small workshop,

The extra for a full canvas suit isn’t an expense it’s an investment in good suiting. The full canvas suit will look better, drape around the body better and last far longer than the standard canvas. It’s definitely worth the extra

One quick point of clarification here. When we say “hand sewn” we mean that the suit is sewn by either a tailor or seamstress using a sewing machine rather than a fully automated  machine process as you will find in most suit factories. This is different to a fully “hand stitched” suit with is made by a tailor in the traditional manner with each stitch done by hand with a needle and thread.


Anywhere. It’s as simple as that.  The very grade fabric suit will stand up to far more regular wear than most other similar priced suits offered elsewhere. The full canvas version will wear extremely well and although it may cost a little more you should expect to get a far longer wear time before it needs replacement which means it will actually work out to be cheaper over the longer run.

The Italian style of these suits make it perfect for anywhere. Wear it to the office then straight to dinner afterwards. Good style is not out of place anywhere.


This suit is especially custom made for you so it takes around 21 days from when we accept your measurements to delivery.  The measurement process is easier than you may think and is fully explained with some tips to get better accuracy HEREHowever, if you prefer we can also make your suit in a standard off the rack size as well.


The measurement process isn’t rocket science. If you have a good fitting jacket and trousers you can check your measurements against these and you can see how HERE. If the measurements are accurate then your suit should be a good fit straight out of the box. However, some customers do have their suits tweaked at their local alterations place to get that individual fit they prefer,

Every so often though we get a suit that doesn’t fit right. While there may be a tailoring error it’s fairly rare and most of the problems with fit are due to the measurements we receive not being entirely accurate.

We understand that sometimes mistakes are going to happen and so that you can order your Elite Suit with the confidence that you will have a good fitting suit we offer our No Worries Guarantee. This means if your suit simply doesn’t fit we will either pay for the suit to be altered or arrange a replacement suit at no charge.

If you read the warranty, even though there are a few terms and conditions, I think you will find it’s one of, if not the, most comprehensive warranty in the industry. No ridiculous $30 or $40 limit on alterations or reimbursement by way of store credit. If the suit simply doesn’t fit we will reimburse you in full for the alterations in cash‘or arrange for a replacement suit to be sent to you.

That should allow you to order your Elite Suit with confidence.

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