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Have a look at These Articles.They discuss the various methods of canvassing a suit. While they all say it in a different way every article agrees on two major points

    1. A full canvas makes a better suit
    2. The only reason you would buy an inferior half canvas or fused suit is price

A Full Canvas Makes a Better Suit

A wool jacket needs support between the outer fabric and inner lining to give it structure otherwise it would just be a fancy cardigan.  This support is known as a canvas.  A full-canvas garment lasts longer, breathes better, loses its wrinkles quickly, and allows for more natural movement and drape because its hand-sewn layers can move independently of one another. We discuss the various canvas methods in more detail HERE

So Here’s the Challenge

The type of canvas used is without doubts one of, if not the, most important factors in determining the quality of your suit. It’s the basis for a well tailored suit and for those who understand suiting a full canvas jacket is the starting point for their suit decision. Anything less than a full canvas jacket is disregarded.

So naturally you would think that any suit website would have the method they use to canvas their suits displayed prominently in an easy to find place. However, the truth is far different.

Go to any suit site, it doesn’t matter if it’s an online company or a website for a physical suiting store or tailor. Now see how long it takes to find out what type of canvassing they use for their suits.

Tailoring companies like us who make superior quality suits will have the fact that their jackets are fully canvassed displayed prominently. They want to attract customers who want to buy a high quality suit.

Unfortunately, for the overall majority of websites it is buried deep in the fine print and many don’t mention it at all.

You So Why is it so Difficult to find?

Simple, most suit retailers outsource their production to the big suit factories in either Asia or Eastern Europe. These factories make cheap mass produced machine made suits that they churn out at the rate of hundreds if not thousands per day. All the jackets are fused or if you’re very lucky they may be half canvassed.

You Can’t Mass Produce A Full Canvas Suit

The big suit factories won’t make them as it can’t be done by machine. It means pulling the suit off the production line and having a tailor hand sew the canvas, They won’t do it as it adds significantly to the cost of production and they can’t afford to employ a tailor who can do it properly.

There are some smaller factories that are owned and operated by tailors that will do it but their tailoring fee is a lot more and the suit retailers won’t pay the extra. So rather than make a quality fully canvassed suit they offer the cheaply made fused or (if you’re very lucky) half canvassed suit however either option is still an inferior suit.

The Only Reason You Would Buy an Inferior Half Canvas or Fused Suit is Price.

It seems obvious doesn’t it. If you can buy a full canvas suit then why would you buy an inferior half canvas or even a fused suit for the same price or in many cases even more.

Yet the biggest online suit retailer sells it’s basic suit for USD$449. It’s a half canvas (but best of luck finding that information on their site). It’s factory made but overall it’s not a bad suit for the money.

At the time of writing this, our flagship Beijing suit sells at USD$425  and is

  • Fully canvassed
  • Made by real tailors not slapped together by machines in a factory
  • Made from good quality Italian fabric

Then to top it off it also comes with our comprehensive No Worries Guarantee which is far better then a maximum $75 tailoring credit

So ask yourself, which one is the better deal? A half canvassed factory made suit or a fully canvassed suit made by trained and experienced tailors?

A Full Canvas Suit Cost More to Make.

We do sell some factory made fused suits. There is a place for them. Some people just don’t wear suits but need one for a special occasion such as a wedding. They don’t want to spend  a great deal of money on a suit that’s going to spend most of it’s life sitting in a wardrobe. They just want something that’s going to fit properly and look good on the infrequent times they wear it.

So we have a factory that will make us an inexpensive suit. It’s a cheaply made suit that we can sell at a bargain price but here is something you should know

The tailoring fee on our full canvas Beijing suit is three times the tailoring fee of the factory made suit. That’s just the fee we pay the tailor to make the suit and doesn’t include the fabric or trim.

We don’t run some sort of benevolent society for impoverished tailors. We pay three times the price to get a better suit for our customers. Yet as mentioned above, we sell our full canvas suit which is hand made by experienced tailors less than others sell their factory made half canvas suits.

A higher quality suit for less. Isn’t that what true value for money is all about?

You can see our range of full canvas suits HERE

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