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I always intended to launch a range of extra slim fit suits however there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed before we could add this range to our product list.

These suits are cut very close to the body which leaves very little room for error in the measurements. So we needed to find a tailor that was capable of cutting a suit like this successfully.

This is where Elite Suits has the advantage over other online suit retailers. As we are not tailors ourselves we are not tied to any single person or company and we can use our knowledge and experience in Asian tailoring to locate the right tailor for every job

We located a tailor that specialises in making slim fit suits for the local Asian market and Northern Europe where similar styles are popular. This tailor makes these type of suits all day every day and has the systems and procedures already in place to make these suits properly.

It’s the things that you don’t think about that matter sometimes. While your extra slim fit suit may fit perfectly today, if you put on even a small amount of weight or bulk up from exercise the suit won’t be as forgiving as a regular suit. So the suit needs to be tailored with enough fabric to allow for the suit to be altered if needed without spoiling the lines of the suit. Otherwise, your new suit could be unwearable after only a short period. This isn’t as simple as it may sound and we needed to find a tailor that had the skills and tailoring experience to achieve this.

We also needed a tailor that’s not going to be difficult when things go wrong and unfortunately sometimes they will go wrong. Measurement issues on these suits are always going to crop up. We don’t want unhappy Elite Suits customers so we have worked an agreement with the tailors that allow us to guarantee the fit. If you order a slim fit suit and it doesn’t fit properly we will arrange to have the suit altered or replaced. It’s as simple as that.

Guys, pay the extra to have your suit fully hand canvassed. If your not sure what I mean by canvassing then read this Unfortunately, 99.9% of the slim fit suits on the market today are fused. They won’t last and you will see the deterioration after just a few wears. These super slim fit suits are made differently to normal suits. The internal linings are thinner and minor imperfections show up  immediately.

Apart from price, the other reason that 99.9% of the slim fit suits are fused is that it’s a lot harder to fully canvas them. In fact, it’s hard to find a tailor that can do it properly which, once again, brings us back to fining the right tailor for the job. As mentioned previously, the thin cut of the suit shows up any errors and if the canvassing is not done by a tailor with the right skills and experience in these type of suits than the jacket will never sit right and the suit will always look slightly odd.

However, a properly canvassed extra slim fit suit is a joy to behold and something to treasure. Unlike a fused canvas which will start to deteriorate from the first time it’s worn, a properly canvassed extra slim fit suit will look better each time you wear it as the canvas moulds around the body. Everytime you step out in your new suit the jacket will hug the body just that little but more, forming a perfect silhouette that suitmakers dream of.

Finding the right cut was important. One of the problems selling globally is that styles do differ in different regions. After much research we believe we have a cut that’s a great mix of the super flash Asian style and the more conservative European cut. This American West Coast style is finding popularity the world over and is the perfect balance for a suit that almost anybody can wear.

Cut narrower in the waist and legs, a slim-fit suit gives you a fashionable, fitted style different from the more traditional English or Italian cuts. It’s a sleek, modern suit that can be perfect for the office, a church function or a more formal occasion.

With it’s tapered waist, slim and slightly tapered legs and a narrower point-to-point shoulder measurement,a slim-fit men’s suits can help you achieve a flattering silhouette and visually trim a full chest or stomach as well. A suit in navy blue, black or black pinstripes can also help in this situation. However, if you have muscular arms, defined legs or a wide waist, a slim fit suit may not work best for you.

These suits also feature a narrower lapel with a higher gorge (or notch), lower button stance to lengthen the body and a shorter suit coat length overall. Smaller and softer shoulder pads also characterize this style, and a two-button suit coat is preferred instead of a three-button style.

Don’t forget the pants. To complete the look it’s important that the suit pants that fit well. Men’s slim-fit suit pants, unlike most suits for men, feature a lower rise and have a slightly shorter length in addition to their slim fit. These suits for men also have a flat front instead of a pleated one, which adds to their sleek, polished look

This is a great cut suitable for most men. If you already look great in a suit then you will look better in this cut. If you a little bit rounder than most and find it hard to buy a suit to fit your body shape then this suit may be just what your looking for. These are also perfect suits for shorter men.

I have a fantastic fabric merchant who consistently finds me excellent cloth at value prices. When I told them I was going to add a line of extra slim fit suits they volunteered to come up with a collection of fabrics specially designed to partner the collection and compliment the cut of the suit.

Once again they have done a magnificent job with a diverse range of around 60 fabrics where everyone should be able to find something they like. Furthermore, while there are some of the classic colours and patterns in the collection,  there are also a large number of cloths that are different to the every day suits you see on the street. These suits should look a little alternative so I urge you to indulge your sense of fashion and pick something a little more urban style.. You can see the fabric range HERE

One last thing though. These suits normally have a sheen to them and the fabric selection reflects this. It ranges from a subtle light sheen to an almost mirror finish. I have tried to describe the level of shine in the fabric description which you will see when you click on the thumbnails. However, if you prefer a flat non-shiny finish, this can be arranged as well. Just send us an email at and we will find you a suitable fabric

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