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The only thing about this suit that surprises me is that we don’t sell more of them? I love a check pattern and have four suits in checks and plaids as well as the traditional grey flannel suit. Solid colours have their place and pinstripes will always be popular but nothing says style like a high quality check suit. Stick with the more basic checks and plaids and it’s a suit that’s fine for the office while still looking good after hours or in any social occasion. However, with a suit for casual wear you can let you imagination go wild and pick something a little more flashy to show your individual sense of both fashion and style.

If you have never owned a flannel suit you don’t know what you’re missing. There is a reason they have been popular for over half a century. Soft to the touch these are beautiful suits to wear. Team it with a check shirt and solid colour tie and you’re ready for anywhere from the boardroom to the bar.

This is the second upgrade to our Beijing suit. Made by the same tailors the only difference is the fabric. It’s a higher grade and more expensive cloth hence the higher price for the suit.

Elite Suits is all about choice for the customer. You can choose the style of the suit you want from the American, English or Italian cuts. You can choose if you want the cheaper standard fused canvas or pay a little more for the far higher quality of full canvas construction.

Finally you can choose the grade of the fabric you want. Pay a little more and get a higher grade fabric. We have four suits in the English cut range and in order of fabric quality they are the Beijing, English Stripes, Check Plaids & Flannels and the Shanghai Collection.

All four suits are made the same way by the same tailors and the only difference is the grade of fabric used. This gives you the choice of paying a little more to get a higher grade cloth.


Not all fabric are the same. If they were then all we would sell is our bargain fused or full canvas suits and every suit we have would be under $400. We certainly would not need to sell more expensive suits such as our Ausfine Fabric suits which can go over the $2,000 mark and we do sell a few of them.

Like most things in life, with suits you get what you pay for. The more you pay the better suit you will receive. While there are a lot of things that go into a quality suit there are two very important characteristics that will determine just how high a quality the suit is.

  1. The method of construction
  2. The quality of the fabric

No matter what other people try and tell you, a full canvas suit is far superior to a fused  or half canvas suit. Not only will it look better it will also last far longer.

It’s the same with fabric. While we believe all our suits have far better quality cloth than most other suits in similar price brackets, there are limits to what even we can do. Cheaper fabric will deteriorate with wear. The more you wear your suit the faster the fabric will show signs of wear and tear.

All the suits in the English cut range starting with the Beijing Collection are made as suits that can be worn in a business setting and therefore are worn regularly. Accordingly, when we selected our fabrics we looked for ones that will stand up to being worn often. We looked for fabrics that are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand regular wearing.

The higher grade of fabric used the longer your suit should last and still continue to look good. So while the Beijing Collection suits are great value for money and you should get good wear time out of them for the price, by paying a little more your suit is made from a higher grade fabric which should feel better, drape the body better and most importantly last longer.

To learn more about fabric quality have read OF THIS where fabric quality is discussed in detail.


While the flannels are more to the lightweight end at around 10oz the checks and plaids are a heavier cloth up to 13 oz. For the colder climates, such as our many Canadian and Northern European customers it can be a three season suit but many may find it a little heavy in summer. For our customers in warmer climates it’s definitely more of a winter suit but still something you would want in your wardrobe.

However, the advantage with the heavier fabrics is not only that they are great for those really cold days but it’s a far sturdier cloth that will last almost forever, Look after your suit and you will get many years out of it.

As it’s a higher grade of cloth than you normally find in suits this price you won’t get the issues that can plague cheaper fabrics and you will find that the suit will wear better and  far longer. You can see the range of available fabrics HERE


How your suit is tailored is also important in determining the quality. These suits are made by the same tailors that make our Beijing Collection suits. Just as we sought out quality fabrics for our suits we also wanted quality tailoring instead of the cheap mass produced machine stitched suits that the big suit factories churn out by the thousands.

The standard fused canvas version (CLICK HERE for an explanation of the various jacket canvassing techniques) is made in a factory setting. However, unlike the mass produced machine made suits, the fabric is cut by hand by an experienced cutter/patternmaker and hand sewn together by seamstresses rather than machine made. This human interaction allows for small adjustments to be made that machines simply can’t replicate. So if you’re a shape that’s slightly different to normal, the tailors can adjust the pattern to accommodate your individual requirements. This is something that can’t be done by most factories that use machines to churn out suits in a cookie cutter pattern.

The factory is owned by a father and son who are both trained and experienced tailors. The father has been a tailor for over 50 years and can spot a defect in a suit from 30 metres. They mostly make fused and half canvas suits for some of Asia’s best known high end stores and I don’t mind telling you they charge more than we could pay elsewhere but quality is worth the difference.

The full canvas version is a completely different suit. Completely hand made, the suit is cut, fully canvassed and sewn together by a highly trained tailor who makes nothing else but full canvas suits. We use a couple of different tailors to make these suits and most of them run their own tailoring business out of a small workshop,

As we are using trained tailors that handmake the suits we are able to accommodate some small changes that can’t be done in the factories that machine make suits to a cookie cutter pattern. Items such as adjustments to the lapel size or lowering the buttoning position can be done. We can also make a natural shoulder instead of a highly padded one for those of you who have squarer shoulders.

The extra for a full canvas suit isn’t an expense it’s an investment in good suiting. The full canvas suit will look better, drape around the body better and last far longer than the standard canvas. It’s definitely worth the extra

One quick point of clarification here. When we say “hand sewn” we mean that the suit is sewn by either a tailor or seamstress using a sewing machine rather than a fully automated  machine process as you will find in most suit factories. This is different to a fully “hand stitched” suit with is made by a tailor in the traditional manner with each stitch done by hand with a needle and thread.


Anywhere. It’s as simple as that.  The higher grade fabric in the Beijing suit will stand up to regular wear than most other similar priced suits offered elsewhere. The full canvas version will wear extremely well and although it may cost a little more you should expect to get a far longer wear time before it needs replacement which means it will actually work out to be cheaper over the longer run.

The traditional English cut of these suits make it perfect for the office. Designed to be worn comfortably for a long time the more relaxed fit of the traditional English cut make it the ideal suit for business wear. This is a suit you can wear a couple of times a week and still expect it to last for many years and still look good. Combine a well made suit with a fashionable fabric choice and not only can you have a suit suitable for the office but still look good at an after five setting.


This suit is especially custom made for you so it takes around 21 days from when we accept your measurements to delivery.  The measurement process is easier than you may think and is fully explained with some tips to get better accuracy HEREHowever, if you prefer we can also make your suit in a standard off the rack size as well.


The measurement process isn’t rocket science. If you have a good fitting jacket and trousers you can check your measurements against these and you can see how HERE. If the measurements are accurate then your suit should be a good fit straight out of the box. However, some customers do have their suits tweaked at their local alterations place to get that individual fit they prefer,

Every so often though we get a suit that doesn’t fit right. While there may be a tailoring error it’s fairly rare and most of the problems with fit are due to the measurements we receive not being entirely accurate.

We understand that sometimes mistakes are going to happen and so that you can order your Elite Suit with the confidence that you will have a good fitting suit we offer our No Worries Guarantee. This means if your suit simply doesn’t fit we will either pay for the suit to be altered or arrange a replacement suit at no charge.

If you read the warranty, even though there are a few terms and conditions, I think you will find it’s one of, if not the, most comprehensive warranty in the industry. No ridiculous $30 or $40 limit on alterations or reimbursement by way of store credit. If the suit simply doesn’t fit we will reimburse you in full for the alterations in cash‘or arrange for a replacement suit to be sent to you.

That should allow you to order your Elite Suit with confidence.

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