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Great Fabric at an Even Better Price.



A few years ago I was talking to one of our fabric merchants who told me about a very good Italian mill that made high quality fabric at a value for money price. He was upset that he couldn’t get stock because a Thailand merchant purchased almost the whole mills output.

Never being one to miss an opportunity to offer our customers good quality fabrics we set ourselves the task of finding a tailor who could make us a full canvas suit from this fabric at a price our customers would find attractive.

After a couple of less than satisfactory results (highlighting the dangers for everyday suitbuyers dealing direct with overseas tailors they know nothing about) we finally found a tailor that is able to make us full canvas suits from this quality fabric at a price most people can afford.


Quality Australian merino wool made in Italy this is a  surprisingly good fabric for the money. While I think the manufacturers claim of it being a super 150’s may be a touch ambitious (see my opinion on “s”number here)  nevertheless it’s still a good solid suiting fabric that drapes well and makes an above average suit. This is a strong yet lightweight suiting cloth that’s suitable for year round wear. You won’t be disappointed,

The tailor has also offered us some nice English wool. The Hugo Collection fabrics are made in Huddersfield England by Collins & Co. Rated by the manufacturer as an s150’s wool blended with cashmere, these are again nice fabrics that will make a quality suit.

There is a range of over 200 different fabrics available for the Rome suit and you can make your selection  HERE


This fabric is distributed widely in Thailand and Vietnam. The bulk of it is purchased by the big suit factories who have a number of their own websites. You will also see a number of American and European sites offering this fabric for around $800 for a two piece suit but the suits are factory fused canvas made in Thailand although one site makes them in Nepal.

We tried a few tailors with disastrous results, We had a brief relationship with one tailor who failed to deliver the consistent quality we demand and the last two suits he sent us were so bad we had to have them remade by another tailor.

However, they say if you look hard enough you will eventually find what you need. We stumbled across a tailor who among his workers had a retired Italian tailor who had married a Thai woman and retired to Phuket. He works a couple of days a week making their high end suits and now also makes full canvas Italian cut suits for our customers. We have been dealing with this tailor for over three years now and have received great feedback on his suits.

The “Italian Cut”suit  is by design a slim fit suit. The silhouette is sleek, modern and very stylish. . They are shorter and tighter fitting and shoulders are padded while lapel notches and buttons are positioned higher than in British and American jackets. Pockets are normally flapless and jackets have pronounced V-shape. Opposite of British style suits, Italians prefer to use lighter cloths, higher gorge lines, and less overall padding.Pants have tapered waist and hips are snug to the body.

These are especially good suits for the taller man although if you’re like me and had developed that middle age spread the English cut may be a more appropriate choice


These make great business suits for someone looking for a stylish alternative to the more relaxed traditional English cut suits. However, you should realise that there is a slight trade off between comfort and style so if you have a job where you wear the jacket all day perhaps you might be better sticking with the more comfortable English cut in a slim fit design.

Most of us though wear our jackets to the office then take them off and only put them on again for lunch or when we are ready to go home so this suit is perfect for those looking for a suit that allows them to express their own personal sense of fashion.

Certainly this suit is not out of place in an after five setting so you can go straight from the office to drinks and on onto a club and be stylishly dressed for all.


This suit is especially custom made for you so it takes around 21 days from when we accept your measurements to delivery.  The measurement process is easier than you may think and is fully explained with some tips to get better accuracy HEREHowever, if you prefer we can also make your suit in a standard off the rack size as well.


The measurement process isn’t rocket science. If you have a good fitting jacket and trousers you can check your measurements against these and you can see how HERE. If the measurements are accurate then your suit should be a good fit straight out of the box. However, some customers do have their suits tweaked at their local alterations place to get that individual fit they prefer,

Every so often though we get a suit that doesn’t fit right. While there may be a tailoring error it’s fairly rare and most of the problems with fit are due to the measurements we receive not being entirely accurate.

We understand that sometimes mistakes are going to happen and so that you can order your Elite Suit with the confidence that you will have a good fitting suit we offer our No Worries Guarantee. This means if your suit simply doesn’t fit we will either pay for the suit to be altered or arrange a replacement suit at no charge.

If you read the warranty, even though there are a few terms and conditions, I think you will find it’s one of, if not the, most comprehensive warranty in the industry. No ridiculous $30 or $40 limit on alterations or reimbursement by way of store credit. If the suit simply doesn’t fit we will reimburse you in full for the alterations in cash‘or arrange for a replacement suit to be sent to you.

That should allow you to order your Elite Suit with confidence.

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