The New York Suit

The New American Slimline Cut.

Originally created to accommodate the larger frames of many Americans compared to their European counterparts, the “American” cut or “Ivy League sack suit” was characterised by it’s looser cut and  single vent in the back, higher armhole, straight lines, flap pockets and natural (almost no padded) shoulders giving you softer silhouette.

These are great suits if you intend to wear them for long periods as they are extremely comfortable. However, new generations of workers are prepared to sacrifice comfort for style and a more slimline cut of the American suit has appeared.

Copying the Italian “Continental” style of thinner lapels, a tighter fitting chest, and closely tapered waist and adding padding to the shoulders the new American slimline cut is almost unrecognisable when compared to the old standard “sack suit”.


This is a nice generic suiting wool for the price. Milled in Italy and dyed in China it’s a lightweight 9 1/2 oz fabric that’s suitable for all year round wear although those in the the northern areas of Europe and Canada may need an overcoat for those extra cold days You can see the range of available fabrics HERE


A full canvas suit at under $400 is certainly great value for money. Made in a factory setting but sewn together by seamstresses rather than machine. The factory is owned by a father and son who are both trained and experienced tailors. The father has been a tailor for over 50 years and can spot a defect in a suit from 30 metres.

They mostly make fused and half canvas suits for some of Asia’s best known high end stores but as they have two experienced tailors on hand they are happy to pull the occasional suit off the production schedule and fully canvas it for us.


There were some advantages to the old style American cut. While the baggier overall look wasn’t as stylish they were comfortable especially if you wore the suit for long periods. While some people buy this suit for the office I tend to think the more conservative “English cut” of the Beijing suit is a more appropriate work suit and the higher grade fabric in the Beijing suit will stand up to regular wear than most other similar priced suits offered elsewhere.

I tend to look at the slimline American cut as more of a ‘suit for the younger man. No doubt this is more of a suit for “clubbing” than the office however people do buy them as a work suit.

I would suggest though if you’re starting to show that middle age spread (like me) than this is more of an after five suit than something to wear to work


This suit is especially custom made for you so it takes around 21 days from when we accept your measurements to delivery.  The measurement process is easier than you may think and is fully explained with some tips to get better accuracy HEREHowever, if you prefer we can also make your suit in a standard off the rack size as well.


The measurement process isn’t rocket science. If you have a good fitting jacket and trousers you can check your measurements against these and you can see how HERE. If the measurements are accurate then your suit should be a good fit straight out of the box. However, some customers do have their suits tweaked at their local alterations place to get that individual fit they prefer,

Every so often though we get a suit that doesn’t fit right. While there may be a tailoring error it’s fairly rare and most of the problems with fit are due to the measurements we receive not being entirely accurate.

We understand that sometimes mistakes are going to happen and so that you can order your Elite Suit with the confidence that you will have a good fitting suit we offer our No Worries Guarantee. This means if your suit simply doesn’t fit we will either pay for the suit to be altered or arrange a replacement suit at no charge.

If you read the warranty, even though there are a few terms and conditions, I think you will find it’s one of, if not the, most comprehensive warranty in the industry. No ridiculous $30 or $40 limit on alterations or reimbursement by way of store credit. If the suit simply doesn’t fit we will reimburse you in full for the alterations in cash‘or arrange for a replacement suit to be sent to you.

That should allow you to order your Elite Suit with confidence.

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