Made To Measure Wool Suit

A Wool Suit For Those Rare Occasions

If you read this blog you will soon discover that I’m not really a fan of mass produced machine made suits and this is the second of the only two of these suits that we sell. However, they do have their place.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive suit that you’re only going to wear a couple of times a year then this is as good as many others you will see selling for far more than this one. While it’s made in a suit factory by mostly machines we have sought the best quality we could find for a suit designed to sell at a low price.

Wear it on those occasions when you need a suit, hang it properly after each wear and you will more than likely get a good few years out of it.

Again fully tailored and made from a wool fabric far better than the normal polyester blends you normally find in a suit at this price, it’s without doubt an excellent suit for the money and far better then the $299 specials you find in the stores


There are two versions to this suit

The standard fused canvas  is the second of only two machine sewn factory made suits that we offer. Our goal is to offer a good basic suit at a bargain price. This factory also makes suits for one of Asia’s biggest retailers and needs to meet their demanding quality standards at an affordable price.

Like all suits in this price range the jacket is a fused canvas (CLICK HERE for an explanation if the various jacket canvassing techniques) and is mostly made by machine which allows us to offer you a good suit at a bargain price.

However, there is also a full canvas version and at under $400 for a full canvas suit it’s certainly great value for money. Made in a factory setting but sewn together by seamstresses rather than machine. The factory is owned by a father and son who are both trained and experienced tailors. The father has been a tailor for over 50 years and can spot a defect in a suit from 30 metres.

They mostly make fused and half canvas suits for some of Asia’s best known high end stores but as they have two experienced tailors on hand they are happy to pull the occasional suit off the production schedule and fully canvas it for us.


Unlike most suit companies we source our own fabrics independent of the tailor. This gives us better quality control and allows us to offer a higher quality fabric at a price equal to or better than others will charge for an inferior quality suit.

This is a nice generic suiting wool for the price. Milled in Italy and dyed in China it’s a lightweight 9 1/2 oz fabric that’s suitable for all year round wear although those in the the northern areas of Europe and Canada may need an overcoat for those extra cold days


For the price it’s a very good suit, If you’re looking for a suit that you will only wear a few times a year but don’t want to spend a lot of money then this may be the suit for you, Look after it and you should get a few years wear out of your suit at a value for money price.

The full canvas version, although a little more, will stand up far better to more regular wear such as an office environment. However, we tend to look at these suits as a more after five or casual wear.

If you need a suit for regular wear such as work them we would recommend that you look at our hand tailored suits such as the full canvas Beijing Collection which will stand up to daily wear far better and actually work out to be cheaper in the long term.

However, if you’re someone who only wears a suit occasionally and just want a better quality suit for your money then we can highly recommend this suit. You will look far better than the $299 polyester cheap suits you buy in stores.


This suit is especially custom made for you so it takes around 21 days from when we accept your measurements to delivery.  The measurement process is easier than you may think and is fully explained with some tips to get better accuracy HEREHowever, if you prefer we can also make your suit in a standard off the rack size as well.


Every Elite Suits is fully guaranteed against tailoring errors and most come with our No Worries Guarantee. However, suit guarantees cost money and we are trying to offer this suit at the lowest price possible so the No Worries Guarantee does not apply to this suit.

This suit is guaranteed against workmanship errors and to be made to the measurements you supply with the standard allowances for body movement, However, if the measurements supplied are not accurate you will need to have the suit altered locally yourself. This is usually a quick and inexpensive process and you will still end up with a great suit at a fantastic price.

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