Can You Find a Better Suit Deal Than This?

I mean is there a better deal than this anywhere? Have a look online, at your local tailors, a suit shop or even a department store and I doubt if you will find a better deal then this anywhere. If you think you can please feel free to send me a message and I’ll tell you why I think you may be mistaken.

If you purchase any of our “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” tailoring packages you can add one of our full canvas Milan Collection suits for only $199 extra. This suit is available to buy on it’s own on our website for $649 and as they are a great suit at a value for money price we sell a lot of them. So $199 represents a genuine saving of $450 off our normal price.

MilanHere is a picture of an actual Milan Collection suit purchased by an Elite Suits customer. You can see the high quality of this suit. This isn’t some cheap factory made fused canvas suit slapped together by machines either. The Milan Collection is hand made by trained and experienced tailors in their own independent workshops. The fabric is a very good generic suiting wool, milled in Italy and dyed in China from patterns developed by Italian designers. These are the latest most up to date styles and as well as the basic business colours such as black, blue, navy and charcoal, there are some bold stripes and colourful pastels for the more adventurous.

Unlike many of our competitors who simply take your order and send it to the factory who supply everything including the fabric, we source our own fabrics completely independent of the tailor. This allows us to control the quality so we offer the best value possible and the fabric used in this suit is not normally seen in suits that sell for the normal price and certainly won’t be found in suits selling at $199.

Again, unlike many of our competitors it’s not a fused or half canvas jacket. The tailor that makes the jacket specialises in making full canvas jackets. That’s it. He doesn’t even own the machinery needed to properly make a fused jacket so he couldn’t make one if he wanted to. Apart from full canvas jackets the only other thing he makes is the occasional vest when we need one. He doesn’t even make trousers, they are made by another tailor in the next workshop who specialises in making trousers and nothing else.

So Why Would We Sell a Suit Valued at $650 for Only $199?

Simple, a number of people are highly interested in our “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” tailoring packages but are hesitant about committing $1,000 or more on their first online suit. They want to start on something less expensive but someone who is looking at a high quality suit doesn’t want a cheap fused suit as they will never wear it.

So we have put together a package with another quality handmade full canvas suit at a heavily discounted price. We will send the Milan suit first so you can test the fit and sort out any issues. Then we can adjust the measurements so the hand stitched suit should be a great fit straight out of the box. We have tested this process on an informal basis with a number of customers with great success and now we are offering this to all Elite Suit customers.

It’s Still Very Cheap. There Has to be a Catch Somewhere!

I don’t know if you would call it a catch but there are some terms and conditions to this offer. The most important of which is that while the suit remains guaranteed against tailoring errors, we will not give credit for any post delivery alterations and as such our normal “No Worries Guarantee” does not apply. It’s not unusual for your first suit to need a tweak to improve the fit after it arrives. You may wish to suppress the waist a little more to get that slimmer fit or perhaps something else needs a sight adjustment. If the measurements you sent us are close to accurate it may not need anything done to it and even if it does we find that most post delivery alterations tend to be in the $40 to $80 range which still leaves a lot out of a $450 discount.

Even in the extremely rare event of a worst case scenario that the measurements you supplied us are so bad the finished suit cannot be altered to fit (and that won’t happen if you read and follow the simple instructions HERE), at least you have a template we can work on for a remake. Yes it will cost you another $199 but that still only totals $398 for a suit valued at $649 so you’re still $253 in front. It’s worth remembering that $398 is still a great price for a suit of the quality of the Milan Collection. Full canvas suits in stores (if and when you can find them) can cost well over $1,000. Under this process we have not had a single remake so far.

Of course our comprehensive “No Worries Guarantee” still applies to the “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” suit

So that’s the main condition there are a few more.

  1. You must buy and pay for the Milan and the “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” suit at the same time.
  2. This offer is limited to one per customer per life time.
  3. If for some reason the  “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” does not complete we will only refund the purchase price less a) the cost of any wool or other materials we have already purchased for the second suit and b) the full retail price of the Milan collections suit.
  4. If you fail to understand that you need to buy another suit from our “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” tailoring packages and buy this suit on it’s own, any refunds will be in the form of store credit only. If we do decide to refund in cash a $50 processing fee will be debited before any refund is processed.

We have tested this process with a number of customers successfully and all were happy to accept the above terms and conditions

This is an Unbeatable Offer

A hand tailored full canvas suit for only $199? Seriously where else can you buy that? Add one of the “Almost Bespoke” suits and that’s $1,198 for two high quality suits or just $599 each. In many places a full canvas suit made from good wool will cost you $1,198 on it’s own. A hand tailored, fully hand stitched suit made from top grade bespoke quality English wool can cost many thousands of dollars yet here we are offering both for as low as $1,198.

Add this to one of the incredible Huddersfield Cloth Specials and you can save almost $2,000 off what we would normally charge for suits made from this bespoke quality cloth and far more off what you would have to pay at a tailors.

You can buy the discounted Milan suit HERE but don’t forget you must buy another suit from our “Almost Bespoke”or “Rockstar & Royalty” tailoring packages at the same time. This is a genuine bargain not to be missed.

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