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Is now offering a weekly “End of Line” special offer where their fine fabrics are discounted by up to 85% off the normal selling price. This is no ordinary suiting cloth either, it’s extremely high standard and expensive fabric used by the world’s best tailors.

We will take this exquisite suiting fabric and send it to our specialist bespoke tailors who will spend up to 40 hours making over 4,ooo individual stitches completely by hand to construct your suit to the highest standard possible. World class tailoring and world class fabric combine to make a suit any man would be proud to own at a price that I even find hard to believe.

With the rise of the big suit factories, traditional handmade tailoring is becoming a dying art. Don’t miss this chance to finally own a suit of this quality at a price you can afford.

You will find an explanation of the different tailoring standards halfway down THIS PAGE. While most men will be happy with the “Almost Bespoke” package, those who want the absolute best in everything will recognise the value of the “Rockstars & Royalty”package.

Some of the past discounts have been so big that it has allowed us to sell suits we would normally sell for $2,499, if we had to buy the fabric at the normal sell price, for only $999. If  a $1,500 discount isn’t enough you should remember that our prices take into account the cost advantages of selling online. At your local tailor I would expect to pay at least double. So it’s possible for us to offer a suit that may normally sell for around $5,000 at a tailor store for only $999

I will put each weeks specials below as they arrive along with a description and what we would sell the suit for at the fabric’s normal price.This is a buy now opportunity. As you can imagine wool at this price will go quickly and once it’s sold it’s gone forever. You can’t make a mistake with wool of this quality so when you place your order HERE, it may pay to pick two or even three fabrics in order of preference and email me immediately.

See the New Expanded Fabric Choice

The management of Huddersfield Cloth have been impressed with the amount of orders we have made and have now given us access to all their remaining stock of the special offers. There are now over 50 different fabrics to choose from in various styles, colours, weaves and wool type including some of the new “Cool Wool” which is a special type of wool that has been developed by our friends at Woolmark. It’s a special summer weight wool and you can only label it “Cool Wool” by meeting Woolmark’s exacting standards . It’s normally very expensive and Huddersfield cloth are offering a number of styles at less then a quarter of the normal selling price.

You can see the full range of fabrics HERE and there is something for everyone. To give you an indication of just what great value these cloths are we have put our normal selling price under each one. This is the price we would sell the suit for if we had to pay the normal trade price for the wool. Remember though this is the price we would sell for with all the cost savings of being internet based. If we had all the extra costs of running a store such as stock, rent and staff costs just to name a few, we would have to charge at least double that price if not more.

Please note though that some of these fabrics are only available in extremely limited quantities. Some of them only have enough to make two or three suits. We are unable to guarantee any particular cloth will still be available but those who buy early will have the greatest choice.

For those concerned about spending $999 on a suit purchased online we now offer you the opportunity to add one of our Milan Collection suits that normally sell for $568 for the amazingly low price of $199. This is a process we have tested very successfully with a number of customers. It solves the issue of any fit problems. Read more on this great offer HERE.



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