Our New Shirting Range

Over 1,250 Different Fabrics and Four Grades of Cotton and Starting at under $60 per Shirt.

There has to be something there for everyone. The first question you need to ask is do you need to have your shirts custom made. Perhaps you may find your answer HERE.

Like wool, China also has an insatiable appetite for high quality cotton. Not only is around 25% of the world’s cotton grown in China making them by far the world’s biggest producer, but they also import a similar amount meaning around half the world’s annual cotton production passes through China.

We have a  fabric merchant who has a thorough knowledge of the Chinese cotton industry and has sourced us some great quality shirting fabric at extremely good prices. This allows us to offer our customers a range of custom made shirts at the value for money prices that Elite Suits is known for all over the world

I often have guys tell me about how they have all their shirts custom made and would only ever consider an English or Italian cotton. The problem with that is neither England or Italy grow cotton as it’s far too cold. Another little secret about cotton is that “Egyptian Cotton” doesn’t necessarily mean it comes from Egypt. It’s not a geographical term. The phrase “Egyptian Cotton” is an industry term for the fibres of the gossypium barbadense and gossypium hirsutum cotton plants which actually originated in South America. At less than a million bales a year, Egypt is a relatively small cotton producer at less than 1%of the annual global market and the vast majority of  “Egyptian Cotton” products on sale today comes from either China or the USA.

So their is a fair chance that the Italian, English or Egyptian cotton used to make their shirts was either grown or spun in China, tagged with a fancy label and marked up 1000%

There are four ranges in the new cotton shirting each is a superior grade to the previous. Click on the name to see the colours and patterns available.

Don’t forget these shirts are custom made. You can download the measurement and order forms at the bottom of the page HEREThere are three ways you can supply your measurements and it’s far easier than you may think

  1. Body Measurements
  2. Measure your best fitting shirt
  3. Select a standard size

The order form shows the styling options so you can have your shirt made just the way you want it. Choose your collar style, cuffs, pocket, placket and fit style. You can also have contrasting collars and cuffs in the fabric of your choice and even have them monogrammed at no extra cost.

Our Great Shirt Offer

Each of the range has a standard price for a single shirt.

Buy two shirts we will add one more bonus shirt free making three shirts for the price of two.

Buy four shirts and get two bonus shirts  making six in total

Buy six shirts and not only will we send you three bonus shirts but we will even add another making it ten in total for the price of six. The Beijing shirts start at $89 each so buy six for $534 and we will send you ten shirts in total making it only $53.40 each. That’s an incredible price for high quality custom made shirts.

If you buy the package of six or ten (including the bonus shirts) we will offer you the option of having one shirt made and delivered to test the fit. This will allow you the chance to tweak  your measurements so the rest of the shirts fit even better.

In the extremely rare event you make a mistake in your measurements and the first shirt doesn’t come close to fitting, after we sort out the measurements not only will we send the rest of the order we will even replace the original shirt in the same fabric. So order with confidence that all the shirts will fit

The Fabrics

A brief description of the available fabrics follows. If you click on each heading it will open the fabric images for that range

1. Beijing Shirts

These are my guilty little secret. As you can imagine I have access to some of the worlds best shirting fabrics yet I own quite a few of these shirts. I’m not the only one either, I have had many customers come back time and time again to buy these shirts. Why? OK while it may be our basic range of cotton it’s quite good for the money. 120gsm cotton blended with factory produced silk makes it a very lightweight shirt and most importantly easy to take care of. While I wouldn’t say they never need ironing, quite often I can take these out of the dryer and wear them as is. At most they need a quick light press just to freshen them up. There are over 600 colours and patterns and at only $89 each they are cheap enough to replace every couple of years and if you buy two for $178 you get the third shirt at no extra charge bring the cost down to just under $60 per shirt. That’s ridiculously cheap for a custom made shirt.

2. Shanghai Shirts

A thicker, heavier and more durable cotton at 130gsm and again blended with factory made silk to give that softer feel to the fabric. A superior grade to the Beijing shirts and if you buy three it’s only $10 per shirt extra which is well worth the money.

3. Yangtse River Cotton

If you could custom design a part of the world specifically to grow cotton what you ended up with would not be too different from the Yangtse River Basin. A rich fertile soil in a low river delta with an optimal mix of sunlight and annual rainfall with the river water available for any needed irrigation.

As a result, this area produces extremely high quality cotton used in some of the finest shirts the world over. A lot of the properties are smaller farms that have been in the same family for generations and it’s this traditional farming combined with modern technology and agricultural methods that allows for a longer and thinner fibre making a higher quality cotton.

At $248 for three shirts that’s still a fair chunk of change out of $100 per shirt and great value for cotton of this quality.

4. Giza Cotton

Once again grown in the Yangtse River Delta, this extra fine cotton is made from the fibres of the gossypium barbadense plant which produces what is known as Egyptian cotton. However to avoid confusion the manufacturers have called this Giza Cotton which defines the extra long threads and silky feel of the cotton without misrepresenting the origin.

This is extra high quality cotton with  a thread count of 2 x 100 or 2 x 110 which produces a beautiful shirt with a silky feel and the strength to be able to be worn for years, You can easily pay over $200  for a shirt of this quality so at just under $100 each if you buy three at a time this is a real bargain.

Four different cottons and over 1,250 colours and pattern give you the choice to design the shirt you want to wear.

You can see the full range of Elite Suits shirting HERE

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