Quantum Tuxedo

The Ultimate Bond Tuxedo

Let’s start with 30 seconds of music to set the mood.

Actor Daniel Craig is reported to have ruined around 40 bespoke suits during filming of the movie Quantum of Solace. “It really is a crime. It makes me weep every time. They’re great suits,” Craig told the British press and I think any lover of a good suit would have to agree

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive suits a man could own, this suit by american designer Tom Ford is masterfully crafted and has the ability to stop women dead in their tracks. A brilliant blend of American minimalism with Italian class, this single-breasted, suit is both alluring and glamorous, and suggests its wearer is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Once you’ve got such a superb suit, copying James Bond’s cooler-than-cool look is as straightforward as slipping on a perfectly pressed white dress shirt and adding a thin black tie for more formal occasions.

This suit has a 3-button front but the lapel is rolled down to the middle button so it behaves like a 2-button suit. The cuff has the 5 buttons that are typical of Tom Ford but Craig leaves the last button open. As there is one more button than usual here undoing the last one makes the cuff look not so crowded. The pockets are straight with flaps plus a ticket pocket. The trousers are flat front with a medium rise, higher than the standard Tom Ford suits. The bottoms of the trousers have turn-ups (cuffs), and contrary to what many people say these days, turn-ups are fine with flat front trousers. Turn-ups and pleats are independent of each other and it all comes down to personal preference. Both Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan wore flat front trousers with turn-ups. The trousers also have buckle side-adjusters, placed on the waistband seam above the side on-seam pockets.

Of course when it comes to fabrics, for Tom Ford only the best will do and naturally he turned to Taylor and Lodge.

This is a 50% pure cashmere and 50% summer kid mohair cloth and the ultimate in luxury suiting.

According to the article here, the original suit from Tom Ford will cost around £4,000 in off the rack sizing while a made to order suit costs about £8,000. Converting that to dollars it’s well over $6,000 for a straight off the peg suit and over $12,500 for a full bespoke.

We will order your fabric direct from the mill in Huddersfield England and ship it to our tailors. A craftsman with a minimum ten years hand tailoring experience will then construct your suit with a needle and thread the same way they have been making suits for over a century. Over four thousand individual handmade stitches and hour after hour of meticulous handiwork by a true artisan who creates a sublime suit by the use of a keen eye and a deft touch only acquired by decades of experience.

This perfectly illustrates what value our suits present. Using the same cloth, tailoring to the same specifications and completely hand stitched by one of the worlds most prestigious fashion houses, we offer you a replica of this suit at around one fifth of the cost of the original.

Yet one more example of the value offered by Elite Suits.

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