Alternative Measurement Methods

There are three alternative methods to supplying us your measurements to make your suit.

1. Standard Size Suits

The suits we offer are very well priced. They are usually superior quality and around half of what you would pay in a store. So many people want to buy a better suit for less but don’t want to go through the hassle of being measured. They are happy to take a standard size and if it needs to be altered have it done locally.

We do offer standard size suits. In fact they are better than standard size as you can order different size jackets and trousers. So if you fit into a size 44 jacket but the pants that normally come with this size suit don’t fit you can order a different size trousers. All you need to do is take two simple measurements. The chest and trouser waist.

While wearing a shirt and a pair of dress pants, run a tape around the chest and keeping one finger between the tape and the actual body. The tape is level and lightly touching the body all the way around but not pulled tight as shown in the following video

Now measure the waist where you normally wear your belt exactly the same way. One finger between the body and the tape with the tape lightly touching the body all the way round but not pulled tight.

Send us those two measurements and we will send you jacket and trousers made to a standard set of measurements to match those chest and waist measurements. Do not send us the sizes of your current suit as manufacturers do not have an industry wide set of measurements and a size 44 suit made by one company may be completely different to a size 44 suit made by another. We need your actual chest and waist measurements.

If you select this option then out No Worries Guarantee will not apply. Common sense says we are unable to guarantee that a standard size will fit everybody. Like any off the rack suit it may need to be altered to fit properly and these will need to be done at your expense

2. Measure Your Best Fitting Suit

This is an extremely successful method. If you have an old favourite suit that fits perfectly we can replicate the sizing. So you can update one that’s starting to look a little old or just have another suit the same size. We use this method often and it works every time.

Measuring an existing suit is easy if you carefully follow the instructions. Just follow the guide (Note: it has been bought to my attention that parts of the form appear garbled in preview mode in some web browsers, e.g. Chrome. However, when you download the form it shows perfectly in PDF readers)

Read the instructions carefully and measure as illustrated. I can assure you it’s fairly easy. Then download the order form by clicking the following button and enter the measurements and return the form.

That’s it. All done and we have an accurate suit size. Once again our No Worries Guarantee does not apply however, we certainly guarantee that your new suit will be made according to the measurements you supplied so you can be confident that your new suit will be a great fit.

3. Send us your suit.

This is normally only done for our high end suits.  a number of clients who buy our higher priced suitings have an old favourite suit that they wish to replace. Rather than measure it themselves we are able to send it to our tailors who will make an exact replacement and if you wish you can also update the styling. While there is a small fee of $75 to cover the extra shipping both ways, it’s a perfect way of upgrading an old favourite to a new stylish suit.

If you wish to investigate this option send me a message


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