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Holland & Sherry Fabric Straight From the Mill

In my travels throughout Asia I get offered “brand name” fabric all the time. Scabal, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, you name it, I’ve been offered it. They show you the branded sample books and the fabric has the brand name and logo woven into the selvage.

The problem is that it’s all fake. If the amazingly low price for what is supposedly high quality wool doesn’t make you realise you’re being conned, one touch of the fabric will reveal all to someone experienced in dealing in high end suiting cloth.

You don’t have to go far to find counterfeit cloth. One stroll around the various markets will find you tailors offering you suits supposedly made from high quality brand name fabric for less than the cost of the real fabric alone.

We’re not buying this wool in Asia. We’re importing this ourselves from a fabric merchant in Huddersfield UK which is the home of fine suiting wool. They purchased the fabric direct from the Holland & Sherry mill in Bradford.

So when you buy a suit made from Holland & Sherry fabric from Elite Suits you can be certain what you’re getting is the genuine world class Holland & Sherry suiting cloth and not some cheap knock-off

215 gsm (8.5oz) s120’s Australian Merino Wool Suiting Cloth

After 170 years you get very good at making suiting cloth which is why Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands all over the world. Demand from London’s great tailors led to Holland & Sherry basing their head office Savile Row in order to better serve those who only used the finest suiting cloth.

Discerning individuals understand the difference that the finest luxury fabric can make in comfort and appearance, especially in a bespoke garment. Their luster, hang, and drape set Holland & Sherry fabrics apart from other fine woolens and their fine suiting cloths are always in good taste, enhancing their wearer’s comfort and appearance in any garment.

It’s impossible to communicate in simple words the difference between a fine suiting cloth such as Holland and Sherry and the fabric in a standard off the rack suit. Suffice to say that the first time you wear your new Holland & Sherry suit you will know there is something different. You may not be able to accurately define it but your Holland and Sherry suit will become the goto suit you always wear when you know you have to look your best.

I have suits in both Dormeuil and Scabal fabric but it’s my Holland & Sherry suit I wear the most

There are over 60 colours and patterns in this beautiful collection of fine suiting wool. At 215 gsm (8.5oz) it’s an all seasons fabric that can be worn anywhere. You can see the full collection HERE

The Tailoring

If you’re going to use world class fabric it makes sense to also use world class tailoring. all our Holland & Sherry suits are made by our specialist bespoke tailors. No machines gluing your suit together here, just a tailor at his workbench making over 4,000 individual stitches all done by hand with a needle and thread.

Full canvas, bemberg linings and horn buttons are all standard on suits of this high quality.

While strictly speaking still classed as made to measure tailoring, the “Almost Bespoke” package (and the Rockstars & Royalty below) is as close to actual bespoke you will find without visiting a specialist tailor. Our specialist bespoke tailors will examine your the body profile and measurements you provided and draw a completely new pattern as individual as you are. The cutter will then chalk and cut the cloth precisely to fit your body profile before handing the wool to a specialist jacketmaker who will then painstakingly stitch your suit by hand. The result will be a suit that will sit on your torso unlike any other suit you own. Once you own your first you will never have a suit made any other way.

Most people are satiated with our “Almost Bespoke” package but there are some who rather pay a little extra for the absolute best of everything. For those we have our “Rockstars & Royalty” package.

The canvas is imported from a company in the UK which has been making suit canvas for more than 100 years. It’s a specialist canvas developed to work better with the lighter weight cloths used today. It allows the cloth to show it’s natural drape over the torso without adding further weight to the jacket. The bemberg lining and horn buttons are imported from Italy and are of the highest standard.

These are the same companies that supply the tailors on Savile Row so you can be sure that you’re getting the absolute best quality available.

Note: the hand tailoring on these suits is obviously labour intensive and the tailors themselves are in high demand. Therefore, the lead time on these suits is six to eight weeks.

Don’t Forget, We Deliver Free Worldwide

You can see a detailed explanation of the different tailoring options in the blog post for the CLISSOLD SUITS.

You can see the Holland & Sherry fabric images HERE.

The suits are available for purchase HERE.

Don’t Forget, We Deliver Free Worldwide

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