Clissold Wool by Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry are one of the biggest names in the global wool industry and sell millions of metres of wool every year. To achieve this they own a number of mills including Clissolds.

Yorkshire in England is considered the world over as the home of luxury suiting. Joseph H Clissold has been making wool in their Oldgate Mill in Bradford since 1910 and is considered to be one of the world’s best clothmakers and Holland & Sherry’s premier fabric mill.

Although now mainly supplying Holland & Sherry, Clissolds own range of suiting fabric continues to be a favourite of bespoke tailors all over the world and has a high presence among the tailors on Savile Row.

Considered to be innovators, its award-winning designers use their skills to pep up traditional worsted cloths including the use of natural materials to ensure Clissold maintains its place at the forefront of the trade. This includes the use of titanium to add an extra bloom to cloth; small amounts of wolf hair, crushed crab shells and other marine materials as well as cashmere and mohair for its range of men’s suitings, jacket and trouser cloths.

They produce a wide range of suiting fabrics from a super 80’s right up to a superfine vicuna, a rare fibre, which sells for £3,000 a yard, making a suit length about £12,000 (USD$18,500). Make no mistake, Clissold’s fabric is luxury bespoke suiting cloth at its best.

At the time of writing this I haven’t even listed these suits on the site yet I have already sold six in the past week. Two simply accepted my word on the quality and value and ordered a suit sight unseen and of the five people who I showed the fabric samples to all were amazed that we are able to sell custom made suits made from such high quality wool at a price far below what they would pay in a store for an off the rack suit even approaching such quality. Four out of the five placed orders immediately and I expect the fifth to do so in the next few days

To read more about the quality of Clissold fabric they produce a great brochure. You can download the PDF version by CLICKING HERE


When looking at the Clissold extensive range of fabrics we were looking for a superior cloth suitable for Elite Suit customers. Eventually we selected one of their S130’s range.

This is a lightweight 275g fabric that’s perfect for most warmer climates and for my valued Northern Europe, North American & Canadian customers it will be great in the summer months and still enough to keep you warm on most winter days.

There are over 60 colours and pattern and you can select your fabric HERE

Top quality bespoke wool from one of England’s most respected mills is one of the Elite Suits differences that makes us stand out from our competitors now here’s another


Unlike our online competitors we allow you to choose how you want your suit to be made. No fused canvas or cheap Asian suit factories with wool of this quality. All the suits are individually made by professional tailors.

You can control the quality of finishing and more importantly the price. This allows you to finally have a suit made from extremely high quality wool at a price you can afford.

For the Clissold wool we are offering you three different modes of tailoring and of course all come with our comprehensive NO WORRIES GUARANTEE so you can sure your suit will fit.

1. Our Personal Tailoring Service – from $899

Real tailoring done by real tailors. In fact by two specialist tailors. One makes the trousers and the other specialises in making full canvas jackets. Working in their own small workshops, they chalk, cut and assemble the suit with the final sewing performed by their respective wives on commercial sewing machines.

To read more about these tailors read this and scroll down to the headline “Two tailors for one suit?”

This is true traditional Asian tailoring at it’s best. A family business that has been tailoring for generations with the skills, knowledge and experience passed down from father to son to son and so on.

This is the Elite Suits difference. The inside knowledge of Asian tailoring to know where we can find quality tailors able to make a superior suit. Forget the tourist traps, suit factories and street touts. We go where the locals go to have their suits made.

This is something our online competitors don’t offer and why we are able to produce a superior suit.

A hand tailored, custom made, full canvas suit made by real tailors from top bespoke quality wool for significantly under a grand. That’s the value Elite Suits is becoming famous for.

2. Almost Bespoke – from $1,199

I have said many times that you will never understand why someone would pay so much extra money for a fully hand stitched suit until you own one yourself. As soon as you put the jacket on though it all becomes perfectly clear.

Tailors have been sitting at workbenches hand sewing suits with a needle and thread for centuries. Over 4,000 stitches, each individually made by hand, to make a suit equal to the best the bespoke tailoring world has to offer.

Fine tailoring isn’t just a trade, it’s an art. Many people can paint a picture but there is only one Rembrandt or Van Gogh. The true masters are few and far between and it’s the same with bespoke tailoring.

Once presented with the cut fabric it’s not that difficult to sew them together. However, only a true master tailor can look at a profile and measurements and intuitively understand what needs to be done to fit those little idiosyncrasies inherent in all of us. A little twist here, a slightly different stitch here and the result is a suit that just sits on the body like no other.

While strictly speaking still classed as made to measure tailoring, the “Almost Bespoke” package (and the Rockstars & Royalty below) is as close to actual bespoke you will find without visiting a specialist tailor.  The tailor will examine your the body profile and measurements you provided and draw a completely new pattern as individual as you are. The cutter will then chalk and cut the cloth precisely to fit your body profile before handing the wool to a specialist jacketmaker who will then painstakingly stitch your suit by hand. The result will be a suit that will sit on your torso unlike any other suit you own. Once you own your first you will never have a suit made any other way.

Most suits today are made by machine and see little human interaction. Unfortunately, there are just some things that a machine simply cannot do as well as a human being. The knowledge of how to make a suit to perfectly fit one’s body is learned by years of training and experience and is something that just can’t be reduced to numbers and punched into a computer keyboard.

If you want uniformity then go with a machine. They will turn out the same suit perfectly over and over all day.  However, body shapes aren’t uniform. Your body is as individual as you are and so should be your suit.

I have posted on the history and rise of bespoke tailoring in Asia. It’s not that long and well worth a read. It was actually about our Ausfine Suits but it’s just as applicable here. Take a couple of minutes and read it by CLICKING HERE

 3. Rockstars & Royalty – from $1,499

We have one particular tailor that uses the absolute best of everything when it comes to making a suit. No scrimping to save a few dollars here. You pay for the absolute top quality or have the suit tailored elsewhere. The canvas is imported from a firm in England that has been making hand made horsehair suit canvas for over a hundred years. The thread is cotton from a mill in Bradford and the buttons from Italy.

If the extra cost fits within the budget I highly recommend the Rockstars and Royalty package. I had all my high quality fabric suits made here and I can safely tell you that they are true works of art and tailoring at its absolute best. If you need to present yourself at your absolute best then this standard of tailoring is well worth the extra money especially with fabric of this quality.


$899 for a custom made, full canvas suit made by true tailors from wool of such exceptional quality is unbelievable value. I know of no other place anywhere, either in stores or online, that will sell you a suit of this standard anywhere near this low price. If you believe that you do please feel free to send me a message and tell me where.

However, in order to offer our customers the value for money that Elite Suits is becoming famous for, we are going to discount all the above prices by $200 each for a strictly limited time.

This means that you can buy a custom made suit made from highly prized bespoke quality fabric from as low as $699. It also beings our fully hand stitched Almost Bespoke package down to just under a grand which is well within the reach for anybody looking for a quality suit. Here is you chance to buy a custom made bespoke quality suit for less than what you would pay in a store for any decent off the rack suit of an inferior quality.

Don’t miss this offer.

You can select your fabric HERE

The full range of our Clissold fabric suits can be seen HERE




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