Unlike almost all other suit retailers, at Elite Suits, you are able to choose the quality of your suit.

Most online sites are nothing but fronts for the big Asian suit factories. The factories do everything. They supply all the fabric which is usually all the same quality in a limited amount of designs, and churn out a poor quality, machine made, fused canvas suit. In reality most of these sites are nothing more than commission salesmen for the big Asian suit companies.

At Elite Suits we are very different. Unlike the vast majority of our online competitors, we buy our own fabric and have access to well over 2,000 different ones. This means you are able to choose the quality of the fabric you want your suit to be made from with your choice only limited by your budget. You can select from a good quality generic suiting wool to a top quality bespoke cloth. We even have some the best Australian merino suiting wool ever made in our AUSFINE range of suits. If we don’t have what you want we may be able to source it for you.

Obviously a good quality fabric will cost a little more but the main thing in determining how much you pay for a suit is how the suit is actually made. Most of the suits you buy today, even a surprising amount of the more expensive ones, are machine made fused canvas suit made in suit factories all over Asia. OK if all you’re after is a cheap suit to wear to cousin Amy’s wedding next month but not something you should be paying big money for.

Buying a factory made fused canvas suit is false economy. They are not suitable for long term regular day to day wear and will need to be replaced often. If they were as good as other websites make them out to be them nobody would sell anything else. There would be no need for more expensive suit. Buying a properly made full canvas jacket with two pair of trousers may be more expensive at first but will prove far cheaper in the long run as the jacket continues to hold its shape and the extra pair of trousers doubles the wear time of your suit.

Unlike most other suit retailers, we are open and honest about where and how out suits are made. I have written a very long blog post that describes in detail the various options in suit construction methods available to Elite Suits customers.

If you’re going to buy a suit anywhere I strongly urge you to read it. As I said it is very long but if you take the five or ten minutes to read it all the way through, at the end I believe you will understand why our suits are better. Even if you decide to buy your suit elsewhere, either from another online site, a store or your local tailor, you will have a far better idea of what you are actually purchasing and some of the pitfalls that you can easily avoid.

To read the blog post about why Elite Suits are better CLICK HERE.

The Elite Suits concept is unique. I know of no other place that allows you to not only choose the quality of the fabric but also allows you a choice of exactly how your suit is made. If all you need is a cheap suit then you have the option of a fused canvas but you also can choose a full canvas made by actual tailors for, in many cases, less than what our competitors charge for a poor quality factory made suit.

How good are our suits? Well it’s possible that our $199 factory made fused suit isn’t as good as someone else’s $399 factory made fused suit. Perhaps they do use a higher standard fabric. However, I’d be willing to bet that our $299 fused Beijing Collection suit is as good if not far better.

I’ll guarantee that our $399 full canvas Beijing Collection is a far better suit than any $399 factory made suit. This is the introduction level to our true personal tailoring service where your suit is made by actual tailors. In this case your suit is handmade by not one but two specialist tailors. Full canvas, good quality fabric and comes with a comprehensive No Worries Guarantee that your suit will fit when it arrives. See what value this is when compared to what other suit retailers offer.

So you can determine exactly how good your suit is to be. You can choose the quality of the fabric and what method of construction you want for your suit. This allows the flexibility for you to purchase the best possible suit that will fit into you budget.

If you need a suit and are a little tight on cash (and aren’t we all sometimes) you can still buy a better suit for your money. If you’re more concerned with making sure you get a great suit at a value for money price you have the option of choosing a true personal tailored service using actual tailors that will handmake your suit.

You even have the options of selecting the highest quality bespoke suiting fabrics and a tailoring standard up there with the best in the world at prices less than a third of what your local tailor will charge.

More bang for your buck. That’s the Elite Suits difference.

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