This is going to be a rather long post however, I implore you to read it thoroughly to the very end so you can attempt to grasp what a unique opportunity you have to purchase a suit of this quality at a never to be repeated price.

The world agrees that Australian Merino Wool is by far the best suiting fabric available. So what would happen if you went to an elite group of growers of the highest quality Australian Merino Wool purchased their best wool and blended it into suit fabric?

You would end up with some of the best suiting fabric ever made and something that was eagerly purchased by the makers of the world’s finest suits.

Allow us to introduce you to Ausfine Wool. The best merino in the world. Out of more than 30.000 Australian woolgrowers, less than 200 have been certified to stamp their wool with the Ausfine brand. Grown by sheep specially bred to produce the best merino wool in the land this is a fabric unsurpassed in quality.

In 2008, during the height of the GFC, a bale of “Ausfine Ultra” wool was sold at auction for $247,000. When you consider the average price for a bale of wool was under $2,000, it underlines the quality of the Ausfine Brand. The bale was purchased by Indian cloth maker, Raymond, and was made into suits for the ultra rich who are quite happy to pay $50,000 plus for a suit of the highest possible quality.

This wasn’t a once off event either, Ausfine wool has consistently set record prices since 2004 and is eagerly sought by buyers all over the world.  Accordingly, those invited to become accredited Ausfine growers are subjected to the highest scrutiny in order to ensure only the finest merino wool is included in order to protect the reputation Ausfine has established as the best merino wool in the world. This is why less than 200 of the 30,000 Australian merino woolgrowers are accredited to use the Ausfine brand. So what we are talking about here is the top 0.5% of Australian merino wool.

You can read a lot more about the unique qualities of Ausfine wool by downloading the PDF brochure HERE

The next logical step for Ausfine was to take the best merino wool in the world and produce the best suiting cloth in the world. When top designers want the highest quality merino wool they turn to Ausfine. Purchased by the world’s top design houses and Savile Row bespoke tailors, the cloth was milled and dyed to their specifications and used to make garments under some of the most exclusive names.

These are the top fashion houses that sell off the rack suits for $5,000 and made to measure for $10,000. A full bespoke suit made from Ausfine wool ordered from a  tailor on Savile Row would set you back anywhere up to $20,000.

What we have managed to buy is the remaining metres of each of those production runs. 50 metres of this, 75 metres of that. This isn’t new fabric, Ausfine have been storing it for a couple of years. They sell fabric in the thousands of metres and do not have the infrastructure or connections to sell wool in such small amounts. While they have tried a couple of other avenues they have had limited success.

We have been making some suits for the executives at Woolmark and knowing the quality of our top end suits they knew that putting Elite Suits and Ausfine together would be a perfect match. They introduced us to each other and an alliance was born

We bought the remaining stock and we drove a hard bargain. The fabric was purchased at far below its original production cost. To make the deal even better for our customers, ultrafine wool prices have increased by an average of more than 22% per year over the past five years. To buy wool of this quality today you would be paying up to ten times the price we purchased it for.

This is true high end luxury suiting at its best. These are the suits that wealthy people buy and you now have a limited opportunity to buy one at around one fifth of the normal price. There is only enough fabric available to make around 120 suits and even less if customers buy more than the standard two piece (and I would recommend highly that you splurge on the two trousered suit. Rotate the wearing of the trousers and you will double the life of the suit).

As a matter of company policy, our friends at Woolmark are unable to endorse our suits. However, they have firsthand knowledge of both the world class quality of Elite Suits tailoring and the outstanding splendour of Ausfine wool and understand that together they will make a majestic suit worthy of any occasion.

However, Woolmark are also friends to the Australian wool industry so, while they can’t actually put the Woolmark stamp of approval on the suits, they certainly wished to help Ausfine and Elite Suits promote the benefits of premium Australian merino wool. Accordingly, they were still more than willing to help us by an email campaign alerting their membership base of more than 30,000 Australian woolgrowers to the availability of the highest quality hand stitched suits made from this outstanding fine Australian grown wool.

Even for me, the owner of a suit company, it was an opportunity too good to pass up and I now have two suits made from Ausfine wool (the grey stripe and the charcoal). The first time I wore one a friend, who has never paid more than $500 for a suit in his life, was so taken by the feel of the wool he immediately ordered one and insisted I take a cash deposit there and then to secure his choice of Fabric.

At such attractive prices for suits of this outstanding quality, these 120 luxury suits are expected to sell quickly. If you have ever wanted to own a true luxury suit but thought you would never be able of afford one I suggest you move quickly so you don’t miss out.

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