I was very surprised to hear that striped suits were coming back into fashion. Seeing how many striped suits I see everyday I was completely unaware they were ever out of fashion in the first place.

Some may try to tell you that the English don’t like stripes on their suits as they prefer not to match the tie to anything in the suit (which is, ironically, traditional in America), and therefore the suit needs to be very neutral. The English prefer to match their ties to their shirts leaving the suit as a frame or backdrop. The theory is that if you introduce the element of color into the suit pattern you destroy the aesthetic.

That all sounds good in theory except that it’s total and absolute tripe. Navy blue suits are often seen with a pink, purple, lilac and even a rust red stripe. A rust colored stripe is also acceptable on gray cloth as certainly is a white pinstripe and as much as the Americans try to claim the bold chalkstripe as their own it’s very much an English staple. These combinations have been worn for ages and any old photograph or even movie will prove.

Elite Suits is proud to present the Traditional English Stripe Collection. This is a slightly heavier, more durable cloth than the lightweight summer fabrics such as those used in the Beijing Collection. This is a more all season fabric and certainly a good choice for those in colder climates.

Guys, there are some beautiful fabrics in this collection that will make some stunning suits. Apart from the traditional white, grey and blue pinstripes there are some wonderful patterns and designs that will make for a suit that will draw compliments from everyone.

Those who are prepared to think outside the traditional combinations can design their own suit that will look professional in the office and also look superb after five whether at a trendy bar or the finest restaurant.

Have a look HERE and choose your favourite. There are more than 60 colours and patterns. Click on each thumbnail for a larger picture and description.

Unfortunately, limitations of computer monitors will vary the shades and colours to some degree. So if you want some guidance or even some suggestions on what we think looks good, please so not hesitate to send us a message.

Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.

Go for the full canvas. Yes I know it’s $130 more but it’s worth every cent. One of my goals is to get everybody to have their suits fully canvassed. Suit buyers today are being hoodwinked by the designers into buying fused canvas suits because they can be mass produced extremely cheaply and need to be replaced more often.

If you’re not sure of the different types of suit canvas available I suggest you READ THIS.

These heavier fabrics will drape the torso far better with a full canvas and not only last longer but look even better as the canvas moulds to match your body shapes with each wear.

Buy a second pair of trousers. These jackets aren’t going to wear out anytime soon. Treat them right and they will last as long as you can still fit into them. You will wear out the trousers first and still have a fantastic looking jacket. Buy two pair of trousers and rotate the wear and you will have this suit for years and years.I have even had savvy customers buying these more durable fabrics order a suit with three pair of trousers.

French Cuffs and Cufflinks. I don’t know how many times I can say to have your shirts custom made. Apart from the far better fit, you have all the options available to stamp your shirt with your own unique personality. French cuffs and cufflinks will complete the look of this suit. No matter if you’re looking to impress at the office or after five as it works extra well for both.

No Worries Guarantee!

Under our No Worries Guarantee, once we accept the measurements for your Elite Suit it’s our problem. Therefore, let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter where in the world you are, if your new English Stripe suit arrives and it doesn’t fit we will arrange to have it altered or replaced at our cost (although we may ask you to post it to an address local to you). It doesn’t matter if the measurements you supplied turn out to be incorrect we will still fix the suit at our cost.

Unlike some other online suit retailers we are not talking about a $50 alteration refund or a $75 instore voucher. If your new suit doesn’t fit we will pay the full amount to have it altered or arrange for a replacement suit.

Read this BLOG POST for more information including the few minor terms and conditions. It’s a little long but after you read it you will understand that you can buy your new suit with confidence.

So to summarise, you can buy an absolutely beautiful suit at less than half the price you will pay in the store. $499 for a fully custom made two piece suit with a full canvas is less than half what you will pay for a fused canvas off the rack suit at a department store or suit shop.

The suit is guaranteed to fit. If it doesn’t we will have it altered or replaced at no cost to you even if your measurements weren’t correct

So what do you really want to buy? A beautifully custom tailored suit made specifically for you, guaranteed to fit and starting at $369 or a cheaply made mass produced off the rack suit at twice the price?

Looks like a no brainer to me.


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