No Worries Guarantee

The phrase “No Worries” is as Australian as the phrase “she’ll be right mate”.  In their most basic form both phrases mean that there should be no problems and if there are we will look after them.

This is what we mean when we offer a “No Worries Guarantee” on our suits. It means you can buy with confidence that there will be no problems and in the unlikely event a problem does occur, you can relax in the knowledge that we will easily solve it.

We ask you to supply your measurements and we have systems that attempt to identify any errors. Accordingly we may ask you to check your measurements. We have been doing this for a while and we are getting pretty good at getting them right and people that are in the position to know these things tell us our error rate is the lowest in the business. So, under our No Worries Guarantee, once we accept the measurements for your Elite Suit it’s our problem. Therefore, let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter where in the world you are, if your Elite Suit arrives and it doesn’t fit we will arrange to have it altered or replaced at our cost (although we may ask you to post it to an address local to you). It doesn’t matter if the measurements you supplied turn out to be incorrect we will still fix the suit at our cost.

Unlike some other online suit retailers we are not talking about a $50 alteration refund or a $75 instore voucher. If your new Elite Suit doesn’t fit we will pay the full amount to have it altered or arrange for a replacement suit.

I trust that gives you the confidence to order your new Elite Suit. If you need any of that clarified please feel free to send us a message

Here’s Proof That We Mean What We Say!

We recently had a customer who received one of our new Super Slim Suits that was too big. The measurements supplied by the customer weren’t as accurate as they could have been. We sent him to his local LookSmart Alteration outlet 

Click on the thumbnail below (it will open a new tab) to see the bill

The total for the alterations came to $178.28

If you’re buying off one of our competitors (silly you) make sure you look at the fine print on their websites you will find that the majority of my online competitors only offer a $50 alterations credit which would have proved to be next to useless. One of my competitors actually has the nerve to offer a suit insurance policy. Customers pay $25 extra and can claim up to a $100 alterations credit  which still would have left you almost $80 out of pocket in this case. Oh by the way they don’t refund you in cash either, you receive a refund in the form of store credit. This means to get any benefit whatsoever on this insurance you have to buy another item. Nice racket if you can find customers dumb enough to actually accept it.

Here’s what their fine print says (I’ve blocked out the name of the site to save them the embarrassment)

“Site X” will only refund goods that have been made to the incorrect measurements, fabric or designs. If you simply provide “Site X”  with incorrect measurements, you are not eligible for a refund. If you are unsure about the measurements you have taken, then you should look to purchase our Suit Insurance for only $25.

So as far as “Site X” is concerned if you make a mistake in the measurement process then bad luck. Unless you paid an extra $25 then they may give you a discount on your next order. Gee thanks

So What Did We do!

Simple, we paid the whole $178.28 immediately. No filling out any claim forms, no waiting for approval from the accounts department we agreed to pay for the alterations and as soon as the customer sent us the receipt we made the payment and we paid, not $50 or $75 or even $100, we paid the lot and we paid in cash direct to the customer’s Paypal account. Go back and have a look at the date on the LookSmart docket and then click on the thnbnail below and look at the date.

The LookSmart docket was dated 21st December and we paid the refund, in cash, the same day.

No Worries!

So be assured that you can buy with confidence from Elite Suits with the knowledge that you are not only going to get a high quality suit at half the price you will pay in a store and be certain that it will fit as well.  In the highly unlikely event there is a problem you can be sure we will fix it.

Our Fine Print

Yes there is a small amount. We have to protect ourselves from the very small percentage of people that will abuse any scheme. So we have a few rules but I don’t think any of them are particularly onerous.

The No Worries Guarantee has the following terms and conditions

Only applies to purchases made on or after January 1st 2012

  1. Only applies to those products that clearly state the warranty in the individual product listing. If the listing doesn’t say it applies then it doesn’t. There are a few heavily discounted products on where margins don’t allow for this. However, that doesn’t mean we will leave you stranded. We have great success working out problems with cooperative customers.
  2. Only applies to garments bought at the advertised price unless agreed upon in writing.  This relates to negotiated prices including any package deals unless clearly stated in the listing.
  3. The decision to replace the item or have it altered is always at our discretion. While we obviously want to go with the most economical route we will try our best to come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement
  4. All work must be authorised by Elite Suits before any expense is incurred. Don’t just send us a receipt and expect to be reimbursed as it won’t happen. We have systems and arrangements in place and every expense needs to be authorised by us first.
  5. The garment must need to be altered by more than 4cms to qualify. There is no suit where the fit can’t be improved by a little nip/tuck by your local tailor. I take all mine to have it done as soon as they arrive and I certainly think it’s a good idea for everyone. There is a lot of room for interpretation in suit measurements and the guarantee isn’t designed to pay for that  nip/tuck to get that slightly better fit and certainly a one or two centimetre alteration fits into that category.  The guarantee is designed for suits that simply don’t fit and obviously need major work. That said, if you’re unsure talk to us and we can see if there is something we can work out.
  6. We select where the work is done. We have arrangements and can have alterations done far cheaper than you can. Due to the specialised tailoring that goes into our higher priced fully  hand-stitched suits they are unlikely to be able to be altered successfully locally and need to be sent to specialist coat-makers or back to the original tailors. However, if you have a favourite tailor we will certainly look at a quote for the job.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse the warranty where more than three measurements need to be changed. That doesn’t mean we will. However there is a difference between fixing an error or two and making a completely different suit.
  8. If you select the option of working buttons on the sleeves (aka Surgeons Cuffs) we will not pay for alteration to the sleeve length if the measurement for the sleeve you supplied is incorrect. Sleeves with working buttons can be difficult, expensive and even impossible to alter. While we will fix any tailoring errors you need to make sure the sleeve measurement you supply is accurate or any alteration to the sleeve will be at your expense.
  9. Only one alteration or replacement per item. While we understand the difficulty of compiling the original measurements, once you have the garments it’s not that difficult to stipulate that the chest has to come in by 4cms or the jacket is 6cm too long etc etc.

So as much as we work with you to get it right the first time, in those occasional instances that it doesn’t we will do it again at no additional cost.

That’s as “NO WORRIES” as it gets.

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