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As a result of the Opium wars the Chinese opened up five new ports to foreigners. One of these was Shanghai which was declared open to foreign trade on November 14th, 1843. This signalled the start of a trading boom as, in the years that followed, the British as well as foreigners from many nations began to settle and open businesses in China and notably in Shanghai. Like most immigrants they longed for much of what they had in their motherland and expert tailoring like the Savile Row at home was no exception. Over the years these master tailors either grew old or passed away but not before passing their skills to their young Chinese apprentices. Thus a tradition was born and Shanghai became famous for its expert tailoring a reputation that still stands almost 200 years later. We now offer these skills, developed over almost two centuries, to Elite Suits customers. A suit made by expert tailors so you can be sure of its quality.

It can be hard to communicate what great value these suits are. I go to a lot of suit retailers to see what my competitors are offering. Everytime I come away asking myself why would anyone ever buy one? Frankly, some of the quality leaves quite a lot to be desired and the price you pay reflects the massive mark-ups that retailers make in today’s markets. I see fused canvas suits selling for well over $1,000 and people buy them simply because the label has some well known designer name. If they knew where they come from and how little they actually cost to be made I think they would feel they had been conned. Take an everyday factory made mass produced suit, put a fancy designer label on it and pay the designer the appropriate mark-up, they sell it to the retailer who add their margin and you end up with a suit that now sells between five and ten times the manufacturing cost.

What you’re really paying for is the hundreds of millions they spend on promotions each year. A single fashion show can easily run into millions alone. Add to this the massive advertising budgets, the sponsorships, public relations, agents, the freebies given to magazines and everything else and it’s easy to see where the money goes. Oh don’t forget the company yacht on the French Riviera that’s written off as a entertainment expense.

If you look past the designers who have spent billions searing their name into the public consciousness you’ll see some great suits at true value for money prices. The Shanghai Collection suits are a perfect example. Have a look what you get for your money.  A fully custom tailored suit. This suit is made specifically for you and starts with the cloth being cut directly from the bolt and the suit tailored the way you instructed and to fit your measurements not some 20 year old Adonis who looks good on a catwalk. The suit is made in one of the world’s most respected cities where you get the benefit of the collective experience of tailoring skills handed down through generations for almost two centuries.

You get to decide on how you want your suit to look, the number of buttons on your jacket, lapels, pockets, pleats or no pleats, even the colour of the jacket lining. We have made some suggestions on styling in the pictures above (Note: not all the pictured fabrics may be available for this suit) You can also decide what sort of fit you want. You can have the more traditional fit for the office or go the now fashionable slim fit for after five as well.

The fabric was specially selected by our cloth merchant. It’s an English made s180’s wool/cashmere fabric and it’s a nice lightweight cloth with the cashmere giving it that softer feel. As well as the standard blue/black/grey colours, it also comes in a range of patterns that you won’t find in stores which allow you to give your suit that stamp of individuality. This beautiful fabric comes in over 50 different colours and patterns which you can see by CLICKING ON THIS TEXT

The thumbnails can be opened into a larger picture with a description. Unfortunately, the true reproduction of colours and patterns are restricted by the limits of both scanners and monitors. It’s one of the challenges all online clothing companies face. Don’t be afraid to send us a message by using the CONTACT US  page, we’re always happy to help with fabric selection.


We ask you to supply your measurements and we have systems that attempt to identify any errors. Accordingly we may ask you to check your measurements. However, once we accept the measurements for your Shanghai Collection suit it’s our problem so let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter where in the world you are, if your Shanghai Collection suit arrives and it doesn’t fit we will arrange to have it altered or replaced at our cost (although we may ask you to post it to an address local to you). It doesn’t matter if the measurements you supplied turn out to be incorrect we will still fix the suit at our cost.

Unlike some other online suit retailers we are not talking about a $50 alteration refund or a $75 instore voucher. If your Shanghai Collection suit doesn’t fit we will pay the full amount to have it altered or arrange for a replacement suit.

You can read more about our “No Worries Guarantee” HERE

I trust that gives you the confidence to order your new Shanghai Collection suit. If you need any of that clarified please feel free to send us a message.

So let’s make it clear what we are offering.

  1. A fully hand tailored custom made suit from as low as $399
  2. Style the suit the way you want it
  3. Choose a traditional or the more fashionable “slim fit”
  4. An English wool/cashmere fabric in a choice of over 50 colours and patterns
  5. A full hand canvas for only $139 extra
  6. A suit that’s custom made to fit you not some 20 year old fashion model
  7. A no nonsense guarantee that your suit will fit

So what are you waiting for or are you seriously saying you would prefer to buy some mass produced factory made off the rack suit from a store at twice the price?

Yet again we have managed to offer a high quality suit at an unbeatable value for money price. Furthermore, with the aim of offering a great suit at an even better price, this suit is available with a fused canvas like most of the suits you buy today. However, for those (like me) who see the value in paying a little more for better quality there is the option of upgrading to a hand set full canvas for only $139 extra.

If you’re unsure of the different methods of suit canvas, you can see what we mean by READING HERE    While I strongly recommend that you go with the full canvas and assure you it’s the most value you will ever get for $139 bucks, the fused canvas still makes a beautiful suit. The full canvas just makes a better one.

Don’t forget it’s guaranteed to fit

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