Exciting things are happening at Elite Suits

I had a few comments about the site recently. OK the website isn’t that great. The colours are all wrong and it’s a bit cheap and nasty. All the comments I’ve received are fair and reasonable but let me explain myself.

It was never my intention to just sell cheap suits like the other online suit retailers. Rather than just sell cheaply made suits at enormous profits, I wanted to offer quality at a value for money price. So if you wanted a suit for around $200, not only am I able to sell you one but it is better than what you can buy elsewhere at similar prices.

However, I wanted to educate consumers as well, I truly believe an informed consumer wil make a far better purchasing decision. This means a lot more information on the site than you will find on my competitors. The problem was that the site became too wordy for many people so I’m now transferring more of the information to this blog with links to the relevant information on the website.

The concept at Elite Suits is that we can supply the best suit for the money you decide to spend. While we do have our $200 range, which are excellent suits for the money, if you normally spend $500 rather than buying some polyester off the rack suit with a fused canvas, you can have a custom made fully canvassed suit made from s150’s Australian Merino Wool. For a grand we can supply fully hand stitched suits made from high end label wool.

It’s a great concept in my opinion, the problem was I had no idea if anyone else thought the same. Accordingly, there was no way I was going to sink my hard earned cash into some flashy website that was more than likely to fail in such a highly competitive market.  Instead we went for a basic ecommerce package and did most of the work ourselves. The money we saved we were able to pass onto our customers in the form of lower prices.

The website has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. In less that 12 months we have built a great customer base that is growing every day. We have ironed out most of the problems in supplying great fitting suits and those experienced in the industry tell me that Elite Suits has an error rate far below that of our competitors. This low error rate means it’s far easier to sort out those few problems that do occur and this has resulted in magnificent feedback from our customers who know they can buy with the confidence that they will receive a suit that fits they way it should. Sales are far beyond any possible expectations and we now have customers coming back for their third or fourth suit and referring their friend, colleagues and family.

True, the website isn’t as fancy as our competitors but it does work. You can easily see the many options. All the pricing is clear and upfront and there are no nasty surprises like you may find elsewhere where the $249 suits you started with ends up costing $550. We have perhaps the largest range of custom made suits you will find anywhere online and it continues to grow. Once your registered, finishing the checkout process is easy and you can pay via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. So all in all it’s not that bad of a site it just needs some prettying up.

The success of Elite Suits now allows us to look at improving things like the website. Presently we have engaged a graphic design firm to take us through the corporate branding exercise. This will decide how Elite Suits will present itself in the future and something we have to complete before moving on to other things. Once we have this we will engage professional web designers to build the next website. We are not going to rush this as we want it done right. It will take as long as it takes although we are hopeful of having this finished in the first half of 2012.

In the meantime, the current website is functional and relatively easy to use. Buy your suit and we will send you an email detailing the purchase, how you supply your measurements and the options available to you. I can assure you that’s it far easier than you may think

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