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Almost Bespoke Tailoring.

Here at Elite Suits we have four Asian tailoring houses that make high end bespoke quality suits for us under contract. Centred around the port cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou, these companies specialise in making the highest standard suits for bespoke tailors all over the world. In my recent visit I had the opportunity to inspect the quality of many finished suits and seeing the various tailoring houses labels on the jackets I realised that Elite Suits was in some very distinguished company and are offering our customers suits made to a world class standard.

These Asian tailoring companies make nothing else but bespoke suits of the highest standard. They are experienced in using the finest quality wool and generally only employ those with at least ten years tailoring experience with many having worked for the same company for decades thus having thirty years or more experience in high end tailoring. The result of this is that suit you paid $3,000 or more for from your local bespoke tailor is more than likely tailored in Asia than the back room of the store.

Like all our tailors their ability to receive ongoing business from Elite Suits is contingent on them producing suits to the highest standards. Our business to them is extremely valuable and accordingly they ensure that any suit they make for us meets the quality we demand for our customers.

You can be confident that the tailoring of your suit will be done to the absolute highest standard. With all external stitching done by hand and the only machine assisted stitching done on the internal seams for added durability these are beautiful suits. Tailored in the traditional manner with an experienced tailor making 4,000 or more individual hand made stitches, these suits can involve up to 80 hours in workmanship in order to turn out a suit that is equal to those made anywhere in the world today.

With the full handmade horsehair canvas and trimmings imported from Europe, the best merino in the world and tailoring standard equal to the best anywhere, this is an opportunity to obtain a true luxury suit at a price far below what you will pay elsewhere

Rockstars & Royalty.

OK let’s start with the name. In trying to explain to a customer why he should pay the extra money for his suit I told him that this was the suit that Rockstars and Royalty buy. While what I meant was these persons are among those that can afford to pay for suits of the highest quality, the name stuck and despite its flippancy we continue to use it. Life is too short to be overly serious all the time.

We have one particular tailor that uses the absolute best of everything when it comes to making a suit. No scrimping to save a few dollars here. You pay for the absolute top quality or have the suit tailored elsewhere. The canvas is imported from a firm in England that has been making hand made horsehair suit canvas for over a hundred years. The thread is cotton from a mill in Bradford and the buttons from Italy.

If you ordered a $10,000 fully bespoke suit from a Savile Row tailor these are the exact same trimmings they would use.

If the extra cost fits within the budget I highly recommend the Rockstars and Royalty package. I had all my high quality fabric suits made here and I can safely tell you that they are true works of art and tailoring at its absolute best.

You can buy from us with confidence that you can decide on exactly the quality of the suit you wish to buy instead of relying solely on the single option offered by most other retailers and just hoping it turns out OK.

If you want any further information, or perhaps some help in deciding what suit is best for you,  please Send us a message here. We are only too happy to help.

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