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I was very surprised to hear that striped suits were coming back into fashion. Seeing how many striped suits I see everyday I was completely unaware they were ever out of fashion in the first place. Some may try to tell you … Continue reading

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No Worries Guarantee

The phrase “No Worries” is as Australian as the phrase “she’ll be right mate”.  In their most basic form both phrases mean that there should be no problems and if there are we will look after them. This is what … Continue reading

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The Shanghai Collection

As a result of the Opium wars the Chinese opened up five new ports to foreigners. One of these was Shanghai which was declared open to foreign trade on November 14th, 1843. This signalled the start of a trading boom … Continue reading

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Exciting things are happening at Elite Suits

I had a few comments about the site recently. OK the website isn’t that great. The colours are all wrong and it’s a bit cheap and nasty. All the comments I’ve received are fair and reasonable but let me explain myself. It … Continue reading

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